final fantasy

  1. nightsnotover

    1/15 Vending Machine from Final Fantasy VII Remake

    I scratchbuilt this not that long ago. It's about the size of a beer can...
  2. F

    First prop Revolver Squala

    Hello my first post. So i want to share my first bild. Its made of MDF with some metal and wood parts. The mechanic of the revolver is working. Of course not like in the real one. It was based of the plans i bought on but have to redesine to make it flat on my work CNC...
  3. Dope

    So I made a full-size, hardened steel Buster Sword from Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core

    Yup, I'm the guy that's posted a few of my similar creations. Some pics: And two build videos, one timelapse (5 minutes): and one full-length/detailed (65 minutes): I thought some here much like...
  4. D

    FFXV: Painting General Glauca

    Hello everyone! I'm working on designing a General Glauca cosplay from the Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive movie. I've (along with both of my siblings) built costumes and props in the past, but this will be the hardest project any of us have taken on. I'm working on the helmet as we speak and...
  5. draicairgid

    Final Fantasy 13-2 blade-bow prop.

    Hello Internet! So, not long time ago I made prop from ff13-2, that bow-blade Friend asked me to make it automatically transformable if possible... And I accepted the challange! There was a long long time of thinking everything through and how it should work. Also at that time I bought...
  6. KnowOne's Designs

    Kingsglaive Mask Final Fantasy XV

    Hello! I want to work on posting on here more to talk to all of you wonderful people and share/discuss ideas! :) I've been sculpting this mask from Kingsglaive, the Final Fantasy XV prequel movie. The movie was a tad confusing, I'm sure more will make sense after the game, but I'll be damned...
  7. Duo Monkey

    Sephiroth Pauldrons

    I've had absolutely no luck anywhere trying to find a pep or 3D file for Sephiroth's pauldrons. I only get links to tiny little dolls. Please help?
  8. N

    Pixelated Tifa Lockhart head from Final Fantasy 7

    So I've recently been commisioned by someone I met while cosplaying @ NYCC 15'. His request was for a pixelated head piece of Tifa Lockhart (assuming it was for his girlfriend or close friend). The idea for this thread was to post a couple printscreens and photgraphs of the entire process from...
  9. kyxz2

    [WIP] Buster Sword from Crisis Core - PIC HEAVY!

    Hello everyone. I really love the FF series and so I'm making my favorite weapon from the game, the Buster Sword. I like the detail of the Crisis Core version so I chose that one. Materials: 6mm rubber sheet 3mm rubber sheet 3/4 x 3/4 wooden stick 1.5 in diameter PVC pipe PVA glue...
  10. S

    Thyrus - Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

    First of all, I have no idea what I'm doing. I've made prop swords and more basic staves, mostly out of MDF and PVC pipe, but this is my first time trying to make something so complex. I figured I'd try using EVA foam by gluing squares of the approximate size together to make a solid EVA block...
  11. R

    Cloud's Wolf Head Emblem in Repousse

    I hammered out a replica of Cloud's Fenrir emblem from Final Fantasy Advent Children. Below is a video of the process.
  12. M

    Final Fantasy VII Buster Sword material question

    Hi folks, I'm constructing a replica of Cloud's Buster Sword from the original FFVII for a friend. The piece will be for display purposes only, no convention use. I want to build it light so I am thinking of using the green foam board from Lowe's, sealing the foam and coating it with Bondo. But...
  13. Schorlemer

    Deepeyes Helmet

    Hey Ladies, This is my first Thread about something i craft. Im starting to craft the Deepeyes Helmet. After i finally found a pep file of it im going to cut the **** out of it. I thought the process of Cutting and gluing would be boring but its actually pretty satisfying. Some pics are going to...
  14. P

    Final Fantasy XIII Blaze Edge Gunblade Project

    Hello community, I'm currently planning out on how to construct a transforming weapon called the Blaze Edge from the Final Fantasy XIII series. I've got a basic idea of how I believe I can achieve this, but need a little help in being pointed in the right direction for where I can find...
  15. handismacker

    Final Fantasy 7 Potion Replica Display

    Hello. So a few years ago my brother got me quite the nice Christmas present. I was a replica potion from Final Fantasy 7. Square had them produced for the 10th anniversary, and they were featured in the PSP game Crisis Core. As a bonus it is one of a limited production so its a little more...
  16. W

    Cloud Buster Sword

    So what can you make from some wood dowels, couple sheets of EVA foam mats, and a roll or two of aluminium tape? Yeah the title kind of gives it away, going to give it a go. Just a heads up, it will not be the most accurate thing in the world. Stay tuned for updates coming soon.
  17. D

    Final Fantasy VII Buster Sword project

    Hi, I'm new here and I wanted input on a future project. I've done costuming before, but they've ended up okay at best (inexperience is the biggest reason). Now I want to get semi-serious and make a good quality prop weapon. I've wanted to do the FFVII Buster Sword for a while, and figured that...
  18. B

    Unlimited Blade Workshop - My Creations

    Hi guys! In this topic i'll show you all my creations ^^ i'm still an amateur at prop-making so any advice or critique are more than welcome ;) I'll add pics only of the complete works, if you want to see the WIP you can find them on my fb page
  19. AGFRX7

    Final Fantasy 13 X-2 Lightning Armor - Finished

    About a year ago, my friend Amie Lynn asked me to build her a suit of armor that, at that time only had two images released. The costume was the armor from Final Fantasty 13 x-2 and she needed it done in a week. So... by the grace of god... I was able to do it and she debuted it at Anime Expo...