1. COlson

    Makita (from "The Red Star")

    I am very pleased and excited to get to finally reveal this commission paint job I did on this fantastic sculpt of Makita, from the graphic novel "The Red Star", by Christian Gossett. The sculptor of this figure is unknown and only 2 of these figures were ever produced. I feel very privileged...
  2. CuberToy

    Custom Sam & Max Figure

    Hi everyone! Wanted to show you that little thing I've been working on. The goal was to do a custom figure of Sam & Max, inspired by the first comics cover. In fact, it's one of the first thing I printed when I received my 3D Printer (after a few Bilbo Baggins buttons inspired handles I...
  3. Action Figure Venom

    Action Figure Venom

    EVA foam Venom Costume. Wanted something not as scary as regular venom since It was to accompany a 3 and 6 year old costumes, so I based it on Spectacular Spider-man Cartoon venom and an Action Figure. Build Thread...