fertility idol

  1. shpider

    A comparison of Raiders Fertility Idols

    A comparison of Idols... The attached images show the differences in size and shape of all the idols in my collection... I'm missing some significant Idols, the "Gobler Idol" and the Sideshow Idol instantly come to mind... and probably DarkMatter Props' offering, although I have their ½ size...
  2. parfaitelumiere

    Real historic fertility idol!

    Historically precolombian artifact inspired finish, on a Relicmaker idol. I will sand down, make special finish, and put antique glass eyes on it. First picture is idol , eyes removed, before I burnt it to remove all paint and plating. It's already very different now, I started removing the...
  3. justasecond

    Fertility Idol / Indiana Jones

    Dear all, and Hello! this is my first post here on the forum. I got inspired to make a sculpt of the famous fertility idol from the Indiana Jones movie. Its a solid body (not hollow - maybe unfortunate) and completely build from wet clay. As a reference I used images I found on the internet...