1. Jake Kassnoff

    Farscape DRD

    I'm making my own DRD Army!
  2. FXArtist

    Limited Run Farsape Pulse Pistol - Limited Run - Set Accurate Working Electronics

    This is a limited run and I will keep this updated. Currently there are 4 out of the 10 left. Each one ships with a signed and numbered COA. This is a replica, but was actually cast directly from a stunt gun from the set of Farscape. I took years carefully researching everything that the on...
  3. Vincent V

    FarScape Pulse Pistol

    I've got a few projects that I really should finish. But the weather (and procrastination) is preventing that... so instead I just started a new one. I always kinda liked the pulse pistol in FarScape, so I made a model of it in SolidWorks. Once I get through a few of my other 3D printing...
  4. TeeKay

    Farscape John Crichton Season 3/4 Short Jacket Build Thread (likely to be pic heavy)

    So, Farscape is getting on a bit these days, there aren't that many of us Farscape cosplayers still about. Still, I mentioned in another thread that I was planning on working on a Farscape costume over the summer and a couple of other members expressed an interest in seeing a build thread, so...
  5. osric

    Farscape screen-used communicator badge?

    Gigi Edgley, the actor who played Chiana on Farscape, is actioning off an allegedly original comm badge used on the show. Any thoughts on how to authenticate whether it's a fan-made prop or the real thing? Image from the auction site: She says in the description: Hey Beautiful Friends, THIS...
  6. Mordanti

    Seattle EMP Museum - Infinite Worlds Scifi Exhibit - April 2016 - Props and Costumes

    While visiting Seattle this past April for Emerald City Comicon 2016, I took time to visit the EMP Museum near the Space Needle. They had the Infinite Worlds SciFi exhibit there until this past May 2016, with more than 150 artifacts, props and costumes from film and television. I was...
  7. nathanalaneller

    "Farscape" Chiana's pulse pistol derringer

    Dose anyone have any close up screenshots of Chiana's pulse pistol / derringer? Has anyone have any info on this prop, or is their a resin prop replica I can buy? I like to make this prop & this is all I have.
  8. C

    Farscape drd RC car skin

    Hi all, New to posting on here although i've put bits and bobs on the fb page so i thought i'd start with something i began a week ago today. Every year near xmas i build something for the home collection when work get a little quiet, THis year i recently got my hands on an old Tamiya kit...
  9. FXArtist

    Farscape Pulse Pistol *pic heavy*

    So Etsy just wanted me to prove that I make all my own products.. a bit of a pain in the ass, but as part of the process I had to explain step by step how I make my stuff and show photographic evidence step by step... since I had to do it for them I thought you all might get a kick out of seeing...
  10. FXArtist

    Farscape DRD Sculpt 1:1

    After a long search of the internet the only kits left out there that I could find were recasts according to other threads here and weren't very good. I finally have given up looking and started doing something productive by making one. I welcome feedback thoughts and reference photos! I only...
  11. p00k1333

    Limited Run Farscape Pulse Rifle DONE / COMPLETED

    FARSCAPE LIVES! Due to the wonderful support and encouragement from RPF members, I'm finally ready to offer a few of these for sale. It was my intent to create the base rifle and offer parts to make some of the different variations that appear during the series. These will be offered only in...
  12. p00k1333

    Farscape Pulse Rifle

    The Peacekeeper Pulse Rifle: one of the iconic weapons of Farscape. Always wanted one, never could afford the official prop, and never really came across a fan-made version that I liked (and that they would be willing to sell a casting of). That last part intimidated me about making the attempt...
  13. J

    Farscape John Crichton. (leather outfit.)

    Ok, I have wanted to do this costume ever since i first saw it all those years ago, but just can't get it made, and just can't afford the over $600. it would cost to order the vest, and duster, on the net. (that's not even including all the other stuff I would need. :( ) However, I decided...
  14. J

    Farscape PK headset.

    Ok, so I've been wanting to do this one for a long time, and since I've been on a real Farscape kick lately, I figure, now would be a good time, to get to work on it. Here's a few pics. Now I know the mouth piece is one of these. (I just ordered one from ebay yesterday...
  15. jackdoud


    IASA logo: Hi-res IASA ID badges in this thread: http://www.therpf.com/showpost.php?p=94011&postcount=1
  16. jackdoud

    Farscape: Crichton's Recorder Found

    So I've been on a major Farscape kick lately and have been screencapping the hell out of it. I was surprised to find that no one's IDed Crichton's microdiskette recorder yet: So I went on a hunt and found it: It's a Sanyo TRC-580M, the only additions are the IASA sticker on...
  17. J

    John's Khaki jacket/vest from Farscape.

    Hey all, Ok you know the khaki jacket/vest that john wears in the fist season of farscape? (I don't have any caps, and can't get any right now. :( ) Am the only one that thinks that, that look like a found item? If I'm not, has anyone IDed it, or have any ideas of were I might find one? If...
  18. silverskyes402

    Farscape Props

    So i'm starting to collect farscape props, just wondering if anybody has any pictures of there collections, it kinda seems like these are hard to find.