1. SMP Designs

    RPG-style Rogue Concept Build WIP (Pic heavy)

    Having been working on a lot of comic book and tactical-style costumes lately (as much as I love those) I wanted to go in a different direction for my new concept piece. I’ve always been a fan of RPGs, fantasy and games like World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age and similar. So, I...
  2. Chicagovader

    Moebius Models 1:10 Scale Frazetta's Death Dealer

    Thought I would show off my recently completed build up of Moebius Models 1:10 scale model of Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer. I modified the face of the helmet a bit to be closer to the design that Frazetta came up with for Randy Bowen to follow on the 1:8 scale statue back in the mid 90's. I...
  3. halrhyrr

    D&D 5e Kobold Rogue - Build thread

    So I've finally moved past the planning stage for this project and as such, I figured I'd start a build thread on here. I'm doing more regular updates on my instagram but I love posting here too, the community is great. Anyway, first things first, meet Del! This cheeky boy is my character in...
  4. Daken

    Archaon the everchosen

    hello to meet you, I'm new to the community I've been stuck for quite some time in a cosplay project and I have recommended this site to find help or some pattern of armor that serves me. The case is; I want to make an Archaon armor cosplay from warhammer fantasy, based on the Archaon model...