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  1. Props N at

    FO4 Pip-Boy screen replacement & repaint!

    Hey everyone! This one's gonna be a pretty short post, but I thought some of you might like to see the results! So I finally got around to doing a repaint of my Pip-Boy, and, more importantly, replacing the lame card they give you that acts as the screen! While I love the idea of being able...
  2. Shatterpoint25

    Fallout Laser Rifle Finished

    Just recently finished this project and wanted to share. Took a few pictures along the way of the progress. Let me know what you guys think Here is the finished product, but I put some pictures of the build below for those who want to see
  3. thorssoli

    Thorssoli's T-60 Power Armor Build from Fallout 4

    Ever since I saw the box art from the original Fallout game, I've been resisting the ongoing urge to build a set of power armor. With the release of the trailer for Fallout 4, the new design is finally awesome enough that I can't help myself any longer. So I partnered up with a 3D modelling...
  4. V

    Nerf mod Anti material rifle from fallout NV

    So, unsurprisingly, I want an AMR to go along with my ranger cosplay. I started with a nerf recon(? I think, it's been a while since I got it) as the Base for the gun. I'm not looking for 100% accuracy, but I'd like it to look recognisable. I made a stock out of wood (solid, to give it...
  5. Captain Fordo

    Fallout T-45 pepakura files.

    I've been searching around for RoadWarriors pepakura files for his T45 power armor model and every download link leads to nowhere or has had the file removed. Would anyone have the files to send or have a valid download link to them?
  6. V

    NCR ranger costume wip

    Sooo... First actual post on here about my costume so... Let's get started. I started this out with minimal experience so.. Bear with me please My first try was making the helmet from a pep, but layer switched to foam for practicality After this I decided to switch it up a bit and started...
  7. Ragedancer

    Blade Runner toy conversion

    So, I just order the blade runner revolver toy. And with that, I'm going to do the conversion! So let's start with the hard parts. -Strip the gun completely -trace the grip and cut it out on plywood. -mold the rest of the gun and modify the receiver to the correct shape - I would like to get...
  8. Govinator

    Fallout: New Vegas "New Vegas Sign"

    While Messing around in New Vegas I got a whim to make the "New Vegas Sign" so I took some reference shots and made a about 18 inch tall as close to scale replica in Fusion 360, but I have yet to get around to printing it so I decided to share it here. If you want to download it This is the...
  9. Brockley

    Anyone have a Fallout 4 T-51 helmet Pepakura file?

    I really like the look of the Fallout 4 T-51 power armor helmet because it's a lot more faithful to the look of the helmet in Fallout 1/2 than the Fallout 3/NV helmet which is slightly different. Online it seems there's only pepakura files for the Fallout 3 T-51b helmet or for the Fallout 4 T-60...
  10. P

    Fallout Vault-Tec clock build

    This is my first post to the RPF, so hello everyone! I figured I'd share my first prop build even though it's not really a replica, more like my interpretation of an object from the Fallout universe. Since I have a few friends who are fans of the Fallout 4 game, I made them each a functional...
  11. ginyu force

    NCR soldier armor

    Hey all! Currently deployed with some time until I get back home so I wanted to use this time to prep for ComicCon when I come home! Ive been eye balling the NCR trooper armor for some time since I wouldnt really have to hand craft anything for this costume. Mostly everything you can buy except...
  12. V

    3D printed Fallout 4 Robots

    Wow, it has been a while since I have been able to get to making new stuff. Work and Kids definitely had me busy. Im grateful to have some time now to get back into it. So I have been on a mission to 3d print and paint all of the robots I created for Fallout 4. I managed to finish two Mister...
  13. cosstico

    Fallout NV Riot Gear

    Riot gear I made from Fallout NV Lonesome Road Expansion. And i cant figure out how to rotate the pictures. They are vertical when I upload them.
  14. cosstico

    Fallout Hunting Rifle

    So, this is my version of the Fallout 3/NV hunting rifle... I can see that it is not a carbon copy. I did not want to make it an exact duplicate. Ive done it before, with a few of my other props and wanted to change it up a bit for my hunting rifle. I wanted to make it feel like I'd actually...
  15. Dainbramage546

    Fallout 4 - Terminal - 3D Printed

    Hey there, it's been a while. I think this is my first post in a year and a half! I graduated graduate school, moved twice, got a dog, and so forth. I also got a Lulzbot Mini and the itch to make props came back. A couple of friends and I decided to start making props again, this time under the...
  16. Red62

    Fallout 4: The Silver Shroud

    Hey guys, so I've managed to throw this together but I wanna see what you guys think about how should I have properly gone about this: Reference: Mine: Also, I wanna see how many other people have done this character: I've only seen 2 other people in the 4 cons I've been to
  17. Mini Nukes

    Mini Nukes

  18. XJeffryX

    Fallout pipe pistol scaled image

    Does anyone have a scaled up printable image of the pipe pistol from fallout? I've done some small scale builds before going far of reference to accommodate my budget and time and I wanted to try and do a full scale accurate prop to display but I'm not good with image software and have spent...
  19. L

    3D Prints to be Fallout/Devil May Cry and other games/movies

    Some of my 3D print ready models mostly Fallout Stuff but will add more:) You can also look it up here https://www.facebook.com/NerdArmoury
  20. mwmuir12

    Fallout 4 Nuka Cola Bottle Set

    Hello everybody, I just wanted to make quick thread about the Nuka Cola bottles I just finished. I spent a lot of time looking through other threads and other sites for reference and how other people have made these bottles and thought I would show what I've learned if anyone else is looking for...
  21. G

    FALLOUT 4 T-51b Cosplay Build.

    Hi all, coming out of lurking I decided to make my project known to all, in hopes that I may receive critique and advice as I go about my long lengthy process of making my dream cosplay/costume. A fully detailed and 1:1 scale T-51b Power Armor Suit, I stumbled across Fallout back in my childhood...
  22. Mini Nuke Prop

    Mini Nuke Prop

  23. Faytleingod11

    Men's Fallout 4 Vault Suit

    Recently, I found out my work does a costume contest every year. Before, I was told we were just encouraged to dress up. So I was gonna just wear a set of coveralls with some yellow duct tape for the accents. Now that it's a contest, I must win. So I'm looking for a pattern to actually sew one...
  24. Postapocalympic

    Glowing Fungus Nightlight

    So I'm looking to make a glowing mushroom led lamp. Very Fallout esque, I want to use small section of D&D cave diorama as a base. What I would like to do is include a small puddle of stagnant radioactive water. What would be the best substance for a glowing water effect? My idea now is to use...
  25. E

    Nuka Slammer Rocket Bat

    My son picked a rocket bat as his melee weapon of choice for his Mechanist cosplay. I had originally decided to use a light weight aluminium bat as the base but after finding out these were a banned item for the con I had to scratch build a bat. The bat is 50mm plastic pipe with a metal tube as...

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