1. cosstico

    Fallout Hunting Rifle

    So, this is my version of the Fallout 3/NV hunting rifle... I can see that it is not a carbon copy. I did not want to make it an exact duplicate. Ive done it before, with a few of my other props and wanted to change it up a bit for my hunting rifle. I wanted to make it feel like I'd actually...
  2. Dainbramage546

    Fallout 4 - Terminal - 3D Printed

    Hey there, it's been a while. I think this is my first post in a year and a half! I graduated graduate school, moved twice, got a dog, and so forth. I also got a Lulzbot Mini and the itch to make props came back. A couple of friends and I decided to start making props again, this time under the...
  3. Red62

    Fallout 4: The Silver Shroud

    Hey guys, so I've managed to throw this together but I wanna see what you guys think about how should I have properly gone about this: Reference: Mine: Also, I wanna see how many other people have done this character: I've only seen 2 other people in the 4 cons I've been to
  4. Mini Nukes

    Mini Nukes

  5. XJeffryX

    Fallout pipe pistol scaled image

    Does anyone have a scaled up printable image of the pipe pistol from fallout? I've done some small scale builds before going far of reference to accommodate my budget and time and I wanted to try and do a full scale accurate prop to display but I'm not good with image software and have spent...
  6. L

    3D Prints to be Fallout/Devil May Cry and other games/movies

    Some of my 3D print ready models mostly Fallout Stuff but will add more:) You can also look it up here https://www.facebook.com/NerdArmoury
  7. M

    Fallout 4 Nuka Cola Bottle Set

    Hello everybody, I just wanted to make quick thread about the Nuka Cola bottles I just finished. I spent a lot of time looking through other threads and other sites for reference and how other people have made these bottles and thought I would show what I've learned if anyone else is looking for...
  8. G

    FALLOUT 4 T-51b Cosplay Build.

    Hi all, coming out of lurking I decided to make my project known to all, in hopes that I may receive critique and advice as I go about my long lengthy process of making my dream cosplay/costume. A fully detailed and 1:1 scale T-51b Power Armor Suit, I stumbled across Fallout back in my childhood...
  9. Mini Nuke Prop

    Mini Nuke Prop

  10. Faytleingod11

    Men's Fallout 4 Vault Suit

    Recently, I found out my work does a costume contest every year. Before, I was told we were just encouraged to dress up. So I was gonna just wear a set of coveralls with some yellow duct tape for the accents. Now that it's a contest, I must win. So I'm looking for a pattern to actually sew one...
  11. Postapocalympic

    Glowing Fungus Nightlight

    So I'm looking to make a glowing mushroom led lamp. Very Fallout esque, I want to use small section of D&D cave diorama as a base. What I would like to do is include a small puddle of stagnant radioactive water. What would be the best substance for a glowing water effect? My idea now is to use...
  12. E

    Nuka Slammer Rocket Bat

    My son picked a rocket bat as his melee weapon of choice for his Mechanist cosplay. I had originally decided to use a light weight aluminium bat as the base but after finding out these were a banned item for the con I had to scratch build a bat. The bat is 50mm plastic pipe with a metal tube as...
  13. Dspongberg

    NCR Ranger Completed

    Finally got a scope for my Anti Materiel Rifle and figured I get some photos of it all together, Btw my build thread is HERE and my IMGUR album is HERE. I can not wait to get started on my next Fallout build. If anyone has any questions or critiques feel free to post them. I love feedback...
  14. F

    Raspberry Pi PipBoy 3000 Mark IV WIP

    Hello everyone, i want to make a more accurate version of the PipBoy Mark IV from Fallout 4, using a Raspberry Pi. I modified the files from adafruit.com, made by the Ruiz Brothers. The pics don't show the final version.
  15. Jake Kassnoff

    Fallout 4 Mechanist Pip-Boy

    this was so simple I had to do it:
  16. HaVoC373

    Fallout 4 Nuka Cola Bottle (Transperant)

    Hi, I'm currently researching a project i've been thinking about doing for a while however I've run into a bit of a brick wall. Basically what i want to make is a Nuka Cola Bottle with a miniature replica of the fallout 4 Prydwen inside. For this project i am in need of a transparant Fallout 4...
  17. M

    Fallout 3 and NV- figuring out the scale and getting a 3d model of an item

    I would love to know how one could scale an item from either game to 1:1 scale as it seems difficult to figure out how to do this. How do people make 1:1 scale laser rifles, for example? Another thing I can't figure out is how I would get a 3d model, or every surface of an item so that I...
  18. N

    Fallout 4 Nuka-Cola guy - Sintra build, pic heavy

    Hi, This is my first big thread here and my most elaborate Sintra build yet. I'll try to keep a current progress shot in this post. Acknowledgements and props to other Sintra builders such as Johnny & Junkers Cosplay. My goals: to make the bubble helmet easily removable from the harness, yet...
  19. E

    Fallout 4 Mechanist helmet WIP

    With Glasgow MCM looming in great cosplay tradition I better get my finger out. This year we are doing the Mechanist from Fallout 4. I have made the helmet from Pepakura, which was fiberglassed and smoothed with car body filler. I decided against using the eye and ear parts as they were too...
  20. Faytleingod11

    Fallout 4 T60 Power Armor and Frame (Pic Heavy)

    So this is my first official post here, and the second such post anywhere on my current project. I'm currently building a full suit of power armor from fallout 4, starting with the power armor frame. I started trying to make everything from scratch, using only my skills as a maker and my will...
  21. E

    [Fallout 4] The Silver Shroud help needed

    Hello RPF community, New member working on one of their first fan costume builds here, so please excuse me if my forum etiquette is a little off or non existent. Now this costume may seem simple compared to some of the amazing things I've seen you all post on here, but I've hit a wall and...
  22. Jake Kassnoff

    Fallout 4 Rocket Nuka Cola Bottle

  23. KaitoTrooper

    NCR Veteran Ranger

    Hello everyone, it's been quite a while since I've logged into the RPF an finally I found the courage to start a Thread for my new project! As you can see in the title, I will be doing (or at least trying) a Veteran NCR Ranger I've already done a Episode VI Stormtrooper an TIE Pilot, but...
  24. B

    Fallout Food grade mold HELP

    I was taking prop requests when someone asked for me to do a edible prop nuka cola which is very similar to a glass coke bottle, I was gonna do a jello prop and I was gonna use a glass coke bottle to mold it but I can't remove it from the bottle, is it possible to mold the bottle then fill the...
  25. L

    Materials question - lenses/visors/goggles/glasses

    I apologize if this is a n00b question, but when making helmets, what are some typical materials that people us to custom make the glass parts (the lens/visor/etc.)? I'm in the middle of a T-51b power armor helmet build and want to find something to cover the eyes with. Thanks!