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  1. T

    Fallout 3 science bobble head

    So this bobble head I sculpted on a whim about a year ago. I decided to use crayola model foam as I wanted to see how useful it was. As a clay it is extremely useful as you can carved very accurate details and straight lines into the hair dry hardening foam and it will retain it. however it take...
  2. PhoenixVader

    Fallout 3 (Video Game) (Many New Files!)

    I have decided to share some of my artwork for things in this game. I made the covers but the ads are from freely downloadable stuff from the net. Enjoy. thomas;)
  3. renegadecow

    China Lake 40mm Pump-Action Grenade Launcher

    Your standard issue big gun, well, not really. While the China Lake launcher has been around since the Vietnam war, it's kept a relatively low profile until recently when video games started featuring it. I'm making an airsoft replica of said gun chambering 40mm moscart grenades that use...
  4. K262

    Fallout: New Vegas Anti-Materiel Rifle CAD

    I have been working on this for the last two days in an effort to have it ready in time for the arrival of a 3D Printer for my use next week. It isn't quite finished, nor is it 100% accurate, but I am pretty satisfied with the quality, due to the fact that I only had the side view picture below...
  5. Old Mr Magic

    NCR Veteran Ranger

    In honor of Kommissar's amazing build of the Fallout: New Vegas NCR Veteran Ranger i've decided to try my hand at hit. A good 75% of the ideas and 100% of the helmet design (at least) came from Komissar's build, so I don't plan on taking any credit for it. I'm just hoping to put my spin on it...
  6. Kommissar

    Fallout New Vegas: NCR Veteran Ranger Finished! pg 8

    or as some know him: "that cool looking dude on the front cover of the new vegas game" pretty fond of the design of this guy, so i decided to try my hand at making the best i can for him. was eager to try out foam armor techniques i see popping around, and wanted to see what different...
  7. S

    Pip-Boy 3000 Build-up (pic heavy)

    First off, much of this info is being moved/copied to my FB page, so please go give me a like there: Skruffy Studios ..... My friends and I all LOVED Fallout 3, so we decided to put some costumes together for the cons that we go to. The hardest, and of course most important, part of the...

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