face mask

  1. Mogul42

    Another Star Wars Face Mask

    I had such a good time making the first one so I made a second. I know I wasn't the only one to go this way, but I'm pretty happy with the results and the refining of my process.
  2. Mogul42

    My First Origional Post

    Hello, I've been lurking around here getting inspiration and paper-craft files. I'm excited to show some content of my own to contribute. I always saw the respirator part of a storm trooper helmet so I made a lockdown mask to pass the time.
  3. saint357

    Blood Bag Muzle From Mad Max fury Road

    MY NAME IS MAX. MY WORLD IS FIRE AND BLOOD! In my continuing quest to make quarantine fun i have decide to make different kinds of face masks from various genera of movies, TV and video games. so here's my latest face mask. It's the iconic blood bag muzzle from Mad Max Furry Road! while i...