1. gvaro

    The Expanse Inspired Hand Terminal / Communicator

    LOVE LOVE LOVE The Expanse, and all of the props from the show. Especially the ever-present hand terminal/communicators that they use. It wasn't until watching a Kyle Hill video where he whipped out an acrylic replica prop of a hand terminal that it clicked with me - I can make this on the...
  2. C

    The Expanse - Belter Navy/Marine uniforms?

    I'm interested in any information that might be around about the Belter Navy/Marine uniforms. Klaes Ashford is always in one as are the people generally under his direct command like Diogo later on. I haven't had a chance to take solid screencaps as of yet but from what I've found so far, it...
  3. Douglascraig

    Expanse Amos Devil/Oni Mask Pin

    I wanted to make a replica of the pin that Amos wear in the Expanse series. I couldn't find any for sale online. I'd seen one or two other replicas done but they looked a little flat and I fancied something more 3D. It was a good excuse to practice on Sculptris which I hadn't really done much...
  4. Mike J.

    The Expanse: an Amos-Style Jumpsuit

    Maybe a little too Amos-style, so I ended up looking a bit like a bootleg Amos, but it was a good experience overall. If I add a few more patches, I'll be a little more distinctive. Who knows what changes the future may bring?! A few years ago, I had a Beratnas Gas 'work shirt' made, with the...