evil dead chainsaw

  1. Cbstudios

    Ash's Chainsaw hand from Ash Vs Evil Dead

    Alright you primitive screwheads, Lissen up. Because everyone is freaking out and enjoying the new Evil Dead game, I figured I'd show off my Ash Saw, that I rigged with sounds and a moving chain. I can post some close up photos if anyone wants, but I think video is more entertaining.
  2. Porter0138

    Evil Dead 2 chainsaw test fit.

  3. harmgrooten

    Evil Dead chainsaw versions: Need help

    So I have this homelite XL sitting around and thought it was about time to turn it into Ash's weapon of choice. However, um still unsure if I'm going for the Army of Darkness version or Ash vs. Evil Dead. I am leaning towards the latter, but am confused about the saw. To my knowledge, they are...
  4. skynet23

    Evil Dead 1/6 Cabin Recorder Lamp Book Dagger Diorama

    Hey guy's! Sorry if this is the wrong place to post 1/6 custom work (Mods feel free to move post if so). I was a keen member of the Sideshow Freaks Forum (Gary23, maybe best known for the 1/6 Pee Wee bike) but got out of the hobby a few years back, now back into 1/6 but the customs scene has...
  5. Porter0138

    Evil Dead 2 chainsaw multiple builds

    Steps taken making the flat top version (work shed) chainsaws.
  6. Porter0138

    Evil Dead 2 Chainsaw Build

    Built this as close to screen accurate as I could get.
  7. Shc0088

    3D Printing an Evil Dead Chainsaw

    I'm currently working on 3d printing the chainsaw hand from the Evil Dead movies. It will be wearable, but not functionable, lol. I believe it's very close to what Ash used in the movies. I think there are minor differences to the one used on the TV show(like missing the SS top plate). I'm...