escape pod

  1. Studio Kitbash

    Star Wars ESB Probe Droid Escape Pod -- 5 Tamiya 8rad upper hulls (x5)

    First reasonable offer -- 5 Tamiya 1/35 8rad upper hulls to make an ESB escape pod for the Probe Droids that were shot all over the galaxy. One of the more fun/simple studio scale builds, and using original hulls makes it all the more fun. I'm too busy with a 5-foot Falcon build to think about...
  2. COlson

    Escape Pod Class-6 Star Wars Legion build

    This is a build I just did of the Star Wars Legion gaming Escape Pod model. The only model I'm aware of that's out there, other than a studio scale or custom kit. It's about 1/47 scale. Fun little build to do and very nicely detailed. Comes with a little base to simulate it crashed on...
  3. dockbay94

    Joe Johnston-Concept Escape Pod Build-STAR WARS Sketchbook

    thought you might like see what a black/white sketch come to life might or could look like- my interpretation of course. the only two sketches and both are a bit different as well. A big thanks to Rossi Replicas for making the basis of the kit come to life, and mix of plans and resin...
  4. dockbay94

    Not studio scale - but looks like it, escape pod (tiny) build

    Well, now that I have been officially temporary laid-off (OH JOY) I have a little time on my hands. I did this little escape pod kit from a game called legion? I believe. I thought it was pretty cool and detailed for such a small model - 5 inches long. I did it his in 2 days. fun little build. I...