end game

  1. ssgsolomon


    Looking for a replica of Cap’s broken shield from the final battle in End Game. Mainly for display but would like the straps on the back to look authentic as well. Any suggestions or recommendations? Thanks!
  2. maflinchbaugh

    SPOILERS - Thanos's Blade from End Game 3d Printable Model ( In Development)

    Hey all, I'm new over here to the RPF, however wanted to share this with you guys, I modeled up Thanos's blade prior to seeing End Game, now that I've seen End Game once I've made some tweaks to it, and am going to begin 3d printing it, as I feel it is currently close enough to do a full size...
  3. Wolverineknows

    Thor End Game Outfits (Spoilers do not open)

    Guy's I have never laughed harder in my life at this movie and the direction they took with Thor. I wanted to be the first to discuss his outfits and big lebowski look. I specifically need to buy those glasses!! I'll be watching it a couple more times and seeing if I can get a clear view on any...
  4. ArgusUndercover

    Hawkeye / Agent Clint Barton Paper Props - Evolution of Hawkeye

    As I am a Hawkeye; Agent Clint Barton Cosplayer over the last few years I have designed and made a number of props for my cosplay. Props ranging from quivers, arrows, masks, gauntlets, boot cover and paper props. I get asked to SHARE them quite regularly, which I often refrain from doing but...