1. Rhett J Martin

    Star Wars Blaster Factory E-11, partially completed, lights and sounds!

    Beautiful fully metal E-11 replica that's partially assembled, with an installed light and sound board. Blaster itself is assembled, but can be easily disassembled if needed (no glue, only screws). Stock unfolds, rod pulls back for nice cocking action, trigger works nicely. T-Track is partially...
  2. Rhett J Martin

    1/350 ESB Rebel Transport buildup and lighting!

    Hello gang! Recently picked up on of JoeZ's Rebel Transport kits and fell in love with it. My goal was just to have a fun and simple bird to park next to my JPG Medical Frigate, but once the transport arrived, I now have a 1/350 fleet obsession. The kit is simple. and beautifully printed...
  3. madebyap

    AP's Studio Scale TIE Fighter (2020)

    Greetings prop and model makers! Last year I found a studio scale TIE fighter on eBay, as the story goes, it was sitting in the seller's garage for the past ten years and he never got to it. He says it was a Nice-N model that was miscast, so he got it really cheap. I posted pictures and video...
  4. Jake Kassnoff

    Snow Trooper Helmet

    I made a budget snow trooper helmet out of foam and a shirt: