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  1. The Cog

    Echo Base Luke Skywalker Jacket - Columbia - 2XL

    Selling my jacket and boots for an Echo Base rebel outfit. This is a 2xl Columbia Luke Skywalker Jacket. Never fully put together a full outfit.... And doesn't make much sense for me in Florida. Need to sell and willing to ship within the United States for free. Jacket: 2XL Boots: 11 Let me...
  2. The Cog

    Anovos Snowtrooper Helmet

    Doing a large cleaning out of my shop. Starting to pull things off my shelves that aren't projects I'm working on, or props I'm going to be buried with! I have enough personal helmets that I need to finish and display... I can let this one go. Displayed only. Selling at a fair price with free...
  3. Studio Kitbash

    Star Wars ESB Probe Droid Escape Pod -- 5 Tamiya 8rad upper hulls (x5)

    First reasonable offer -- 5 Tamiya 1/35 8rad upper hulls to make an ESB escape pod for the Probe Droids that were shot all over the galaxy. One of the more fun/simple studio scale builds, and using original hulls makes it all the more fun. I'm too busy with a 5-foot Falcon build to think about...
  4. The Cog

    Price drop: Luke Skywalker Echo Base Jacket

    Picked up this jacket and accessories a few years ago with the intention of putting together an Echo base costume. Have to part with it though, as I have a family member going into hospice and need to fly home to see them. Never worn. Jacket, boots, and gloves included. Pricing it much lower...
  5. skoota73

    Price Drop! RS Prop Masters 10th Anniversary HDPE ESB Stunt Helmet

    Hi. I am letting go of my RS Prop Masters 10th Anniversary HDPE Stunt Helmet. The stand and certificate of authenticity is included. This ESB helmet has the screen accurate screen printed decals. The stand has never been assembled. If you are interested, please reach out to me first for shipping...
  6. Pepperbone

    RS Props - 2022 Releases

    Exciting lineup coming this year!
  7. Hagoth

    Fully articulated 24" tall AT-AT adventure

    Inspired by starks Revell AT-AT WIP upgrade thread seen here Revell At-At WIP this build thread is a spin off to dive further into dissecting the stop motion articulation of the studio models and attempting to replicate what is seen on screen. The premise of this thread is be an open build for...
  8. Levisdenim

    Lando ESB - Cloud City Commlink CVD216

    Hey guys! Sharing my 3D model creation This 3D model is an approximation of Lando Calrissian's commlink from star wars' Empire Strikes Back film. This 3D model is of my own creation. Created model: ➤ to meet exact details & dimensions. ➤ to be as accurate possible, based on the actual film...
  9. zenx13

    Star Wars Macrobinoculars (scratch build) - Hoth / Empire Strikes Back

    I have always wanted to build a pair of the Hoth Macrobinoculars - I fell in love with them as a kid in 1980, watching Empire on the big screen! I have always had a connection with Hoth, maybe cause I grew up in Canada and experienced proper winters? This build - like most of my builds will...


    RS Props helmet collection
  11. RS_PILOTS_34.jpg


    RS Props helmet collection
  12. RS_ROGUE3_b.jpg


    RS Props helmet collection
  13. RS_ROGUE3.jpg


    From RS Props
  14. BM_BF_ESB_FRONT2.jpg


    Boba Maker's ESB Fett helmet
  15. BM_BF_ESB_FRONT1.jpg


    Boba Maker's ESB Fett helmet
  16. BM_BF_ESB_34.jpg


    Boba Maker's ESB Fett helmet
  17. Xrad

    Who makes the best Luke bespin outfit

    Who makes the best and most accurate Luke bespin outfit
  18. Xrad

    What happened to the clamp screw on the bespin hilt

    What happened to the bespin graflex hilts clamp screw did it corrode black or is it missing
  19. Chase Butler

    Chase's Vintage ESB Luke Lightsaber Build

    After finally collecting all of the parts and doing the conversion, my ESB Luke lightsaber build is finally complete! This thing is absolutely gorgeous and just about as accurate as you could possibly get, right down to the correct cave scene stamping on the end! Almost ever part (except for...
  20. SteveStarkiller

    Yoda's Hovel (ESB)

    Long time no new thread... I've been busy with various projects but this one came together suddenly and I thought I'd share it. When I was a little kid, new to Star Wars, there was nothing cooler to me that Yoda's house. I remember when my little brother and I were about seven or eight, he...
  21. JCDenton0

    ESB Hoth Graflex - Roman Props with Prizm V5

    Hello everyone, Long time reader of this amazing forum but first time poster as I did not have much to contribute before. My turn to join the club of saber builders(ish). I had a few sabers in my collection for a while but I never tried to build one before. I thought this was the perfect...
  22. COlson

    Revell 1/48 scale Tie Fighter

    This is my completed Tie Fighter model build from Revell / Fine Molds. I added photo etch to the interior walls for lighting and some photo etch details to the exterior of the ship to present a more accurate representation. I also lit the engines and have a button on my base to make the lasers...
  23. Jake Kassnoff

    Snow Trooper Helmet

    I made a budget snow trooper helmet out of foam and a shirt:
  24. Joek3rr

    Graflex grip affixing, what's your favorite method?

    So I'm wanting to start tinkering with my Graflex. But the big question is have is how to do the grips? I'd love it if people would share their preferred method. Do you like to use glue or double sided tape? Do you eyeball it, use a paper guide, or 3D printed guide?
  25. tmax

    Interest 1:6 Scale Snowspeeder Kit

    Hey all. Looking at the possibility of producing a 1:6 scale Snowspeeder 3D printed kit, for all you Hot Toys and Sideshow fans. The goal would be to make an accurate replica with opening canopy. We may also look at offering electronic kits to light up the cockpit, if the interest is there...