1. GealicWolf

    Elysium AK-47 Encoder

    So after WAAYYY to long, I have gotten back to work on Max's Exosuit and props. Here is the latest I have gotten done. The AK-47 Encoder. (AK's are easy to get, the encoder, not so much) posted here. Elysium AK Encoder by Gealicwolf
  2. tmax

    Unlimited Run Elysium - Chemrail Kit

    On offer here we have a full scale 3D printed kit of the Chemrail from Elysium. A lot of time has been spent on the design to give you the most accurate 3D printed kit available... Kits will be sent out in order of payments received. So the sooner you pay the earlier on the...
  3. tmax

    Elysium Chemrail Dimensions Help

    Hey guys. Currently working on the Chemrail from Elysium and hoping to find some dimensions. I have the overall dimensions from the PropStore, but I'm hoping someone here has a screen used prop and wouldn't mind taking some measurements for me? Any help would be very much appreciated. Overall...
  4. Mike J.

    An Encyclopedia of Weta’s Sci-Fi Symbols, Logos & Graphics

    (You can read this on my blog or on the RPF.) Let me preface this by saying that I am a professional graphic designer, and as such, may be more 'sensitive' to graphical issues like fonts, colors, kerning, and what-have-you... This is a very technical post, and if you're not interested in...
  5. Ziga

    Elysium Kruger Exosuit fabric help

    Hey guys, I recently started building Kruger's Exosuit for cosplay but I'm having hard time finding a suitable fabric for the abdomen piece. It's the sort of breathing mesh you can find on backpack backs. I've tried several stores that sell fabric online, but I can't find even remotely the...

    Aaron Beck Weapon Design

    Loved this M4 Concept. This is my take on Aaron Becks Design...on a Budget This was my base. Already owned this BB/Pellet gun. Completed Modifications, but not finished. Still need frosted vinyl on sight and Wear & Tear paint finish. Still functions as a BB/Pellet gun, also used the sight...
  7. J

    my elysium id cards/proximity badges

    here is my elysium badge that i made on the computer. one for me and one for my gf.
  8. guitarpirate

    Elysium Max Exoskeleton

    I am super-excited about building my own Elysium exo suit because I love cyber-punk and sci-fi. Hoping to wear it on stage when playing electronic metal :) Started about three months ago, my plan is to solid-model all parts in AutoCAD using photo references, prototype using paper and cardboard...
  9. M

    Matrix2db Halloween contest entry - Kruger Exoskeleton - Elysium

    This is my first post on the rpf I am working on the Kruger exoskeleton from elysium. I am about 80% finished
  10. O

    Elysium HULC (powered exoskeleton) costume

    Hello RPF community! This is my first post and my first movie costume build using foam. I saw the trailers for Elysium a few months ago and decided(despite travel and work) to make the HULC(Human Universal Load Carrier) or powered exoskeleton that Matt Damon wears. I started work on it, but...