1. verdaera

    Tauriel Build (The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug) *PIC HEAVY*

    I know a lot of people don't like this character, but I love the design of her. Wood elves have always been my favorite and even though I know I'm not Elf Material, I love the look of this costume. I am making her green suede jacket version: I had a hard time figuring out how I would go about...
  2. coregeek

    Tauriel Daggers from The Hobbit

    I recently completed a scratch build of Tauriel's Daggers from The Hobbit films. Thought I'd share the complete build process. This is a comprehensive build covering the prop master build, molding/casting, and final finishing. I have 50+ photos so I'll post in sections. I started with a piece...
  3. mbielaczyc

    Dragon Age Elf Ears

    I have had many requests to sculpt up some Dalish ears, so I finally did! Here is the left side, I have already molded them and should have finished photos by the end of the week.
  4. K

    Thranduil Costume Build

    Hi guys, been aware of this site for some time now and occasionally check out threads for details of bits and pieces but now that I've actually signed up I thought I might document my upgrades to my Thranduil cosplay! This was my older version of the costume made mostly before the first movie...
  5. H

    1/4 scale head sculpt of Thranduil - King of Mirkwood - The Hobbit

    Wanted to share my 1/4 scale head sculpt of Thranduil - King of Mirkwood with you all. (as portrayed by Lee Pace in “The Hobbit” films) His original head sculpt was created from Professional Grade Polymer Clay and is a work of art sculpture. I then molded him and cast him in resin, which you see...
  6. Astrokid248

    Rivendell Elf-inspired Dresses for Ren Fest

    Exactly what is says on the tin. 3 dresses, inspired by Tolkien's elves as interpreted on the screen by Peter Jackson and WETA, specifically the elves of Rivendell, that will be worn at this year's Texas Renaissance Festival. I'm having to take a massive break from Link and those props because...
  7. T

    ELF--papa elf hero costume

    just got this screen used hero costume and i love it great detail and quality. each piece ie hat, coat, shoes, all have mr newhart writen or stitched in the item. bob newhart was the actor who worn this costume as papa elf in the great holiday movie. i have more pic's but only uploaded this one...