1. OddViking

    Clone Trooper Electrobinoculars with lighting

    As often happens at certain 501st Legion troops, we find ourselves trooping without a blaster. I wanted to find a general prop I could troop with that gave me something to do with my hands, and to interact more with the environment. I found an .stl file for some Clone Trooper Electrobinoculars...
  2. emeluis

    New custom macrobinoculars

    Hi all! I'm again here. This time I've made a macrobinoculars from a plastic container I found in the kitchen. I've used three lenses from my greeblies storage, a part from an old hard drive, a plumbing part and some 3 mm PVC sheets. It is inspired in the hoth macrobinoculars and the one from...
  3. emeluis

    Another custom macrobinoculars

    Hi all, I've made this macrobinoculars (or maybe «macromonoculars») with an old JVC GX-78E video camera. I bought it for 3 euros in a flea market. I changed the camera lens, because the original one in the camera was too large. I plan to put a little display when the quarantine is over...
  4. emeluis

    Custom macrobinoculars

    Hi all! I recently made this custom macrobinoculars from an old super 8 camera. Some process images are in my Instagram: @emeluis • Instagram photos and videos I hope you like it!