dye sub pattern

  1. K

    i have some question in spiderman pattern print

    hi, I want to print only the mask part of PS4 and ASM2 with the pattern that i have so can you recommend some guys that satisfied me??
  2. JoeChang3816

    Creating Iron-Spider Dye Sublimation Pattern With Blender

    Hello. I am an newbie this forum and planning to start my Iron-Spider cosplay project. I have made lots of props with 3D print before, and I got a little bit of experience in creating 3D models, like my Iron-Spider web shooter: Recently, I got a highly accurate Iron-Spider 3D model from a...
  3. B

    Dye sub pattern

    Does anyone know how to make a compression set out of a dye sub pattern, I’ve seen on therpcstudio website that they take patterns from designers and make them into compression shirts or pants. I was wondering if anyone knew how to do that