1. RelicMaker

    Dragonslayer - Vermithrax Tooth (Raw Castings)

    I have "8" raw castings of the Vermithrax Tooth from Dragonslayer for sale! They are straight out of the mold and just need a little cleanup before painting. I currently have no time to paint these and they have been collecting dust, so I am selling them as raw castings... Photos 3 and 4 are...
  2. Dope

    Full-size steel Dragonslayer sword from the anime/manga Berserk

    For reference, I am 6'3" 255lbs, she is 77" long, 14" wide and weighs 54lbs. A monster to be sure! I used a high-carbon hardened steel for the blade and sharpened it until it could shave hair off of my arm. I'm pretty proud of it, being a big fan of the anime and the manga. It's a great classic...
  3. Ikras

    Dark Souls - Dragonslayer Ornstein

    So, having completed my iron man I've been bitten by the bug. Throughout my build I had far too many ideas going around in my head and I've finally managed to come to a conclusion. I really enjoyed playing through Dark Souls and throughout it there were two bosses that stood out in my mind...
  4. Howat Props

    Dragon Puppet for the West end festivel parade in Glasgow

    hello again! recently myself and two others were asked to make a very large dragon puppet for the west end festivel parade in glasgow. So thats exactly what we did! This is technically not a "replica prop" so i apologise for that but it is my own design so i though i might as well stick it on...
  5. phasersonthrill

    Dragonslayer Props

    Has anyone here done or seen any Dragonslayer 1981 replicas? Would love to see a light up amulet or the Sicarious Dracorum (heavy spear).