1. J

    Help identifying Big Bang Theory monster head

    I am hoping someone can help me. In Big Bang Theory's Capitol Comics store there is a axolotl like dragon head above the door. Does anyone know what it is or where it's from? It can be seen in the episodes The Occupation Recalibration and The Hook-up Reverberation.
  2. Rynaut

    SpaceX IVA Suit Build

    I’ve been lurking here for a while and after watching the Launch America coverage, I took a deep dive to don the superhero inspired SpaceX pressure suit. I soon discovered there weren’t too many fans that have taken up the challenge to make a high detail replica yet. With the help of many...
  3. Engtech05

    Skyrim Dragon Fullsize Build

    So i have been thinking of building a working life size costume of a Skyrim Dragon.... I have watched a lot of the Stan Winston School Videos on how to do a large portion of the creation, my only problem or issue is the Size of the creature. I have chosen to have a dragon that is 12 - 15 foot...
  4. XilianX2010

    Dragon Bio Design Concepts - Rough Sketches

    Hey all! It's been awhile since I've posted something here! I want to get back into making a Predator mask and bio helmet and I already had some designs in mind. I used PredtrHuntr's lineart as a template and sketched two "Dragon-Styled" bio helmets. (I love me some Dragons, so if I were ever to...
  5. Dragon Priest Mask Prop

    Dragon Priest Mask Prop

  6. Azzurras Entry: Isabela

    Azzurras Entry: Isabela

    My entry for the RPF Halloween 2014 Contest: Isabela from Dragon Age II. Check out the build thread here!
  7. N7Stars - Dragon age: Inquisition - The Inquisitor

    N7Stars - Dragon age: Inquisition - The Inquisitor

    N7Stars - Dragon age: Inquisition - The Inquisitor