dr horribles sing-along

  1. S

    Dr Horrible Goggles paint help

    Hello, I have planned to do a Doctor Horrible costume for a long while now and have had most of the parts but never gotten around to finishing it. I have all the parts for an accurate set of his goggles except in the blue/green color and was hoping for some advice for painting them to the...
  2. JessicaChicGeek

    Dr. Horrible - Death Ray Build

    So my grandpa and I built a replica of the death ray used by Neil Patrick Harris's character, Dr. Horrible, in Dr. Horrible's Sing A Long Blog. It took about 3 months of [constant] work to build. My grandpa is the engineer behind the entire project and he taught me everything that I have...
  3. EyesofTeal

    Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog Screen-used?

    I'm fairly new to collecting screen-used props and am considering adding another show from which to collect. However, I can't find any mention of Dr. Horrible screen-used props! :confused Has anyone here come across anything or know anything about them? Or have they all just vanished?