doom eternal

  1. rehjee

    Doomslayer Helmet WIP

    Heres my quarantine build so far. Eva foam, sentra plastic, foam clay and a little bit of model kit bashing. Tell me your thoughts!!
  2. 305primus

    Doom Eternal slayer EVA foam costume build

    The title says it all, I’m in the middle of building this and the torso is about half finished will post some pics tomorrow probably

    Doom Eternal Slayer Cosplay Helmet Build

    In today's video, I build the Doom Slayer's Helmet from Doom Eternal. The direct sequel to Doom (2016) The Doom Slayer's Praetor suit saw a full overhaul of its armor design.I really liked the armor a lot. So much that I 3D modeled the armor and converted the models into Foam Pepakura File...