1. Chris Moliere

    Recreating Lighting Effect for Cyberman Chest Unit

    A bit of an update for my Cyberman build - still in the planning stages, but just about every possible part has been identified. However, I still have one problem that needs solving. The chest unit has a small heart assembly, with small christmas lights wired up to simulate a heartbeat effect...
  2. DangerIndustry

    Sonic blaster (2005 prop)

    Hello! Long time lurker first time poster, if any of you are on the Instagram you might have seen my sonic screwdriver replicas of various types. I'm sure at i'll be posting about those at some point too. After kicking around in my workshop and making a concept sonic by the incomparable...
  3. RobertHack

    Vintage fiberglass helmets- Cyberman advice needed

    I'll have a vintage(at least 20 years old, the previous owner wasn't certain beyond that) Cyberman helmet. It's resin/fiberglass. I need to cut out the eye, mouth and handle holes. Is there any special care or prep work I should do for an older helmet? This is actually my first fiberglass...
  4. CleverMax


    I always wanted to be a Borderlands cosplayer! So I decided to turn Mr. Clever into a BL character. I debuted this at NYCC 2019. My first time doing the cel shading, but I'm very happy with how it turned out.
  5. LeoCor Replicas

    Doctor Who TV Movie prop help

    I'm currently writing a book detailing the history and impact of the FOX 1996 Doctor Who TV movie, and I'm trying to track down as much info as I can. One portion of interest is the props used in the movie. I know about the screwdriver and the TARDIS key being made by 800-TREKKER and Iguana...