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  1. Morelock

    2nd Doctor's Trousers - Doctor Who

    Hi there! I wonder if anyone here can help? I am after info on the trousers Troughton wore from Faceless Ones - War Games. I see at the DWE they are brown with a black check but I am aware that they are certainly not the ones worn by Troughton. I note in a lot of colourised photos from the...
  2. ultraman

    Want to Buy 10th dr who sonic screwdriver...finished or kit

    like the title says i'm trying to hunt down and figure out prices on the 10th dr's sonic screwdriver. either finished or kits. thanks for any info. -ultra:cool
  3. Rustymetaldog

    Arduino Doctor Who Countdown timer prop - HELP!!!

    Hello RPF'ers, I'm trying to conquer the world of Arduino to make this countdown timer prop. Now this will seem pretty simple to those of you who know what you're doing, but I have spent HOURS and HOURS to get to this point, and am now stuck, which is where you come in! I'm making a...
  4. R

    Want to Buy 10th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Toy Search

    Hello Everyone I'm looking for somewhere to purchase the original 10th Doctor sonic screwdriver toy. I understand that there are many but the one I am looking for is the one with only 2 sound effects. Many versions of this sonic screwdriver have 4 sounds including 2 classic doctor sounds. I want...
  5. Bonanza

    Time Eddy II / Smallville ComicCon Doctor Who Giveaway!

    Smallville ComicCon will be attending Time Eddy II in Wichita, Kansas October 14-16, 2016! Stop by our booth and register to win this Second Doctor's Recorder prop replica!
  6. A

    Tenth Doctor Sonic Remote Easter Eggs and Morse

    Does anyone know some easter eggs for the tenth doctors sonic screwdriver remote? And the morse code messages in English? Please do respond, I am a first timer!!! :) Allonsy_Alonso.
  7. J

    Doctor Who Handles Build, clay

    Howdy, Over the past year I have been slowly assembling my own Handles from "The Time of the Doctor". I have been sculpting him out of sulfur free oil clay so that when I am done I can cast in silicone for a resin copy. There are not a lot of Handles currently being made and the ones that I...
  8. FreddySchramm

    Custom MK 1 dalek build

    Last year I Wanted to go about building a replica Dalek from Doctor who. I thought this would make a great portfolio piece and would be an excellent item to have at my Art school's Junior year review. I got My resources from They...
  9. Mordanti

    Seattle EMP Museum - Infinite Worlds Scifi Exhibit - April 2016 - Props and Costumes

    While visiting Seattle this past April for Emerald City Comicon 2016, I took time to visit the EMP Museum near the Space Needle. They had the Infinite Worlds SciFi exhibit there until this past May 2016, with more than 150 artifacts, props and costumes from film and television. I was...
  10. scarf man

    Brendan's Magical Mystery Tour (2016), old timers must see!

    Hey RPF Brothers & Sisters! I've been kind of a ghost here for a number of years, & I'm no longer comfortable with that. I'm embarking on a solo road trip from my home in rural Wisconsin, to Santa Cruz ,CA to visit uncles. I'd like to finally meet some of you dear internet buddies in the...
  11. T

    Want to Buy Yellow Championship 99 Genuine Lumar Yo-Yo

    I'd like to buy a Yellow Championship 99 Genuine Lumar Yo-Yo, the kind of yo-yo Tom Baker used as the Fourth Doctor. I've attached an image of this rare yo-yo. It is quite difficult to find. I've been looking for it for a year. But if you have one and are willing to sell it, let me know how...
  12. Dtrasler

    Doctor Who Handles Foam Pep Disaster

    Hi all, This is the first time in months that I've started a new thread, so forgive me if I'm a little awkward. I specialise in making prop disasters, and previously have screwed up helmets from the Star Wars Universe and one from "How to Train your Dragon". My next project is going to be my...
  13. basmith0

    What is your favorite fictional spaceship?

    I'm obsessed with spaceships. I admit it. I have a problem. Please feed my addiction by sharing your favorite shuttle, fighters, cruisers, capital ships,etc. Be sure to include the name of the ship, what it is from, and a picture if possible. I'll start by sharing a few of my favorites: The...
  14. S

    CONsole Room June 3-5, 2016 in MN (Doctor Who Convention)

    CONsole Room: Celebration in Silver (Celebrating 50 Years of Cybermen) It's nearly here! Who's going? :D I'm SUPER pumped for this year's convention. We've pulled in guests from the 2nd Doctor's era (Frazer Hines, Wendy Padbury, Anneke Wills)...
  15. S

    The Next Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver

    Sonic Screwdriver from the 2008 Doctor Who Christmas special ("The Next Doctor"), modeled in Blender and 3D-printed on an Ultimaker 2. Handle printed with colorFabb woodFill (0.28mm layers), stained with Minwax "Olde Maple" Polyshade; collar and shank printed with Ultimaker Metallic Silver...
  16. jedirulz123

    Magnoli Tennant Blue Suit - Bright Pinstripes

    So my blue suit arrived yesterday, and it's great. Just one thing, the rust pinstripes REALLY stand out. Like, with Tennant's actual suit you can barely tell there even is a pinstripe unless you having a good look, but Magnoli's are incredibly in-your-face. I've thought about dying it, or maybe...
  17. Jake Kassnoff

    Sonic Screwdriver

    People have been asking me to build this for years:
  18. Dan Efran

    A quick no-cost TARDIS key (3rd/4th Doctor style)

    I've always liked the 4th Doctor's TARDIS key. The one that doesn't look like an Earth key. (3rd Doctor too, apparently. I hadn't realized that; I know the Tom Baker episodes better. Anyway, I'm considering them to be the same key for this build, though there are subtle differences in the...
  19. D

    Britishfest Convention June 3rd-5th Omaha Nebraska Convention in the USA!!!
  20. jedirulz123

    Tennant Blue Suit with Brown Suit Ties

    So my Magnoli blue suit will arrive by the end of the month, and I've already got the Kenzo/Manhattan tie (planning on nabbing the Ricci/Sontaran tie and the original Rocha tie), but I do like the look of the ties he wore with the brown suit like the Utopia and Swirly ties. I'm just wondering if...
  21. Dan Efran

    Easiest Romana Sonic Screwdriver

    Hi, I'm Dan Efran. I'm new to the RPF, but I've been building my own props for decades. I've been working on a few amusing little prop projects recently and thought I'd share some pictures. To start out, here's a super-simple prop I could hardly NOT make.... I read somewhere (probably RPF, or...
  22. S

    Classic Sonic Screwdrivers Questions/Info (Pertwee/Baker/Davidson)

    Hello, I was trying to narrow down a few details on these 3 classic sonic's so if there are any experts or anyone has any information/reference pics It would be much appreciated. :) On the Pertwee screwdriver in this image the ring/rim at...
  23. T

    I love my velvet Capaldi coat !!!!

    I just received my custom made 12th Doctor Velvet Coat and I just LOVE it ! I ordered it from a website, I was a bit wary of ordering online,but decided to give it a try. I sent my measurements in, and Amanda at Customer Service contacted me and asked for more measurements and a few...
  24. U

    Brand new to Doctor Who - and unsure what to do...

    Poet and didn't know it. I caught an episode of Doctor Who with David Tennant at a party this past weekend. Enjoyed it, but couldn't quite follow what was going on. I asked the host about the series and, being interested in watching it, whether or not I should start with the old episodes or...
  25. ThePropsPerson

    Hybrid Sonic Screwdriver

    So ive decided to start a new build and its gonna be a hybrid between the 10th and 11th docs sonic screwdriver, ive made some rough plans and ive started to source some of components, its mostly gonna be made of metal tubing and wood as I only have a wood lathe and not a metal one. These are the...