doctor who

  1. J

    Need advice on 12th Doctor costume

    My daughter is having a random fandom costume wedding in September and dear old dad is going as the 12th Doctor. Since I cannot find a costume shop that will rent me one, I could use some advice on where to purchase an inexpensive outfit. Keep in mind that this will be strictly for one time...
  2. WesleyAlvis42

    Sonic Screwdriver Question: Electronics

    Which model Sonic has the most room to fit in electronics? I am currently embarking on a build and right now I am deciding between the Dark Eyes, 12th, 10th, and a War Doctor with removable 4 head. And what type of speaker and sound chip should I use?
  3. T

    Doctor Who K-9 Drive System Issue

    Hello everyone, I have built a replica of K-9 from Doctor Who, but unfortunately have run into a bit of an issue with his drive system, he will not move. He is constructed from mdf and weighs about 25 lbs(excluding his 12lb battery). His drive system consists of a Trex Pololu dual motor...
  4. P

    Classic sonic screwdriver from Rubbertoe

    So, now that this is about to be released, who's going to immediately clone the proportions and make them for less than £350? Eesh, that sounded more mercenary than I meant it to. It was supposed to be sort of light-hearted and tongue-in-cheek. I'm not a bad person.
  5. EndloseCosplay

    Fandom based vintage Luggage Stickers

    I know that title is a mouth full, but here is the low down. I am looking for get luggage travel stickers that are Marvel, Dc, Dr Who, My little Pony, Star Wars, Star Trek, RBWY, Sandman, Harry Potter, Stargate Atlantis, Babylon 5, and Batman themed. What are luggage stickers? Well it's what...
  6. JokerMan

    Doctor Who - Lie of the Land (and a bit of Extremis)

    So I'm looking to get the coat worn by the Twelfth Doctor in the Series 10 episodes "Lie of the Land" and the flashback sequences in "Extremis" in the far future. For those who don't know what this looks like, here it is: The coat has a similar front style to his usual coat, but the back has...
  7. F

    Dr. Constantine from "The Empty Child"

    As worn to WHOlanta 2017: GP-5 gas mask; thrift store clothes.
  8. B

    CYBERMAN - Can you use coldcast on foam?

    Hello everyone! I am working on making my own Cyberman suit for a series and was thinking of the best way to achieve the aluminium finish on the cheap. On the show they used cold cast aluminium and fiberglass and I have been trying to think of the best way I could do it using similar techniques...
  9. Robajob

    Scratch Built Doctor Who Matt Smith Tardis Interior

    As proposed in my first post Matt Smith Tardis and subsequently requested by members I am undertaking a build thread for this scratch built project. I will post this in complete sections so as not to be too longwinded/boring and will try to post 1 or...
  10. Robajob

    Matt Smith Tardis

    Hi RPFers, I just joined the site after a long time looking at some fantastic work. I have recently completed a Tardis Project for my son who is a fanatical Dr Who fan. So as you can't buy one of these, I thought I would turn my hand to trying to make him a Matt Smith Tardis...
  11. E

    Metal 12th second sonic screwdriver please

    Does anyone know if there is a metal 12th doctor second sonic screwdriver for sale except the rubber toe because I'm not rich
  12. RagleGumm

    Dyeing Doctor Who Series 5 Houndstooth Jeans

    Hello all, I've recently acquired these awesome grey and black houndstooth jeans which really put me in mind of the jeans worn by the eleventh Doctor in series 5 of Doctor Who. I don't necessarily want to use these for cosplay, but may just wear them as everyday jeans with a geeky twist - but...
  13. R

    Looking to identify Doctor Who Davros jacket fastener / clasp

    Hi all, I'm looking to recreate the latest Davros jacket seen in Doctor Who, but have run into a brick wall when it comes to identifying the fasteners / clips used on the front of it. Does anyone have any idea of what they are? They can be seen in the right of the picture below. Thanks in advance.
  14. FreddySchramm

    Custom Ancient Dalek

    This is a big project I worked on last year for my portfolio during my Junior year of art school. First attempt at something this big. Made from a combination of MDF, Sintra, fiberglass caster parts and found materials. Biggest challenge was the paint job and electronics. Still need to put a...
  15. RagleGumm

    Want to Buy Doctor Who Series 5 Matt Smith Scroll Shirt

    Hey all, I've always wanted the burgundy scroll shirt as worn by the 11th Doctor in Doctor Who. I know the Magnoli is an amazing option but I can't warrant paying full whack for it. I'd be interested in buying a used Magnoli (or Spoonflower) in a size 15 collar, 38 chest. I may consider even...
  16. S

    Want to Buy Timelords Pocket Sonic Screwdrivers

    Hello, figured it didn't hurt to at least throw this out there but was curious if anyone had either the Timelords Pocket Classic or TLP Mcgann that they had wanted to part with? Probably more so the Mcgann, not sure about specifics beyond that but if you do or are considering it shoot me a...
  17. H

    4th doctor plz

    I wanna cosplay as tom bakers doctor, I have both scarfs, his sonic screwdriver, and the hat, and the paint pin badge he wore in city of death, any of u guys have any ideas ,where I can get rest of what I need at a decent price, as I have both scarfs I don't mind which version comes first...
  18. J

    Doctor Who Universe U.N.I.T. Costume questions

    greetings one and all ... Does anyone know of the correct placement of patches on a U.N.I.T. Operator?? (new series all black) I have a black unit patch for my chest.. just not sure if i need to add any more to the rest of the uniform/ my kit. I have 2 x Wings and the round UNIT patch as...
  19. mdb

    [WIP]Hey Missy you so fine- Missy Season 8 costume and props

    So recently I went on a spree of tracking down "old" sources. Well old sources for me, they were moved around and probably hidden for a few years. One of those was to look for the Thornton Universal System for women. As soon as I did I realised that maybe the wardrobe department also used...
  20. N

    Want to Buy 12th doctor Holes Jumper Or MFX 10th doctor sonic screwdriver

    Hello! It's possibly impossibly but does anyone have a Paul smith 12th doctor Holes jumper that the doctor has been wearing from series 8-10. if so Please Message me as i have the funds ready and want to get it for my costume. Also looking for an MFX 10th doctor sonic screwdriver that has been...
  21. Bluebox303

    Interest Aztec Sonic Screwdriver Kit

    ^prototype [There are quite a few errors. I will be posting pics of the new prototype once it comes in.] Interest thread for a kit of the Eccleston/Tennant Aztec Sonic Screwdriver. Not claiming 100% accuracy, but I am trying to get the screwdriver as accurate as possible. Any help would be...
  22. Sinned

    Mr. Huffle - Doctor Who Christmas Special 2016

    Mr. Huffle feels pain! Not really a marquee prop, but since BBC posted a great, scaled sketch, having one of these guys was too funny to pass up. Still a WIP, but coming along. I couldn't think of a great way to make a true, functioning replica, so decided to go the static prop route...
  23. P

    Want to Buy Electronics from a TWC 10th Doctor Sonic Remote

    Hey there folks, I recently had the micro switch on my Sonic collapse, and I'm thinking it's a it beyond my abilities to try an replace it (soldering joints look rather small haha); If any one happens to have the ability to do so, I'd gladly pay them to switch it out for me. OR if anyone happens...
  24. Dan Efran

    Mini Metebelis Crystals

    My girlfriend is a fan of the classic Doctor Who episode "The Green Death", so for her birthday I made her a Metebelis III crystal. The one I made is somewhat smaller than the one on the show, but still big enough to be a potent de-hypnotizer.
  25. Morelock

    show your Doctor Who Costumes

    As there doesn't seem to be a thread for this I thought I'd start one so all members can post up their Who costume's, made or bought. This way, hopefully we can swap knowledge and refine any Cosplay outfits.‎