doctor who

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  1. MOTOEblanket-5.jpg


    Hand-knit screen accurate Mummy On The Orient Express blanket prop. Completed blanket is 70″ by 56″, with 7″ long tassels along the knit edge, 56 in total. It weighs more than five pounds.
  2. MOTOEblanket-1.jpg


    Completed screen accurate Mummy On The Orient Express knitted blanket prop.
  3. MOTOEblanketprogress-1.jpg


    Screen accurate knitted Mummy On The Orient Express blanket in progress.
  4. MOTOEblanketprogress-2.jpg


    Screen accurate knitted Mummy On The Orient Express blanket in progress. The inverted double-knitting (double-purl) results in a double sided blanket, one side primarily lavender and the other side primarily yellow.
  5. MOTOEblanketchart.png


    For my Mummy On The Orient Express cosplay, I wanted to recreate the plaid blanket Clara wraps up in near the end of the episode. I created a screen accurate knitted prop, starting with self-drafting a knitting chart to be worked in inverted double-knit ("double-purl").
  6. clarablanket.jpg


    Screenshot from the Doctor Who episode Mummy On The Orient Express, showing the plaid blanket Clara wraps up in near the end of the episode.
  7. themoment.jpg


    Taken at GallifreyOne 2020.
  8. TheMomentandtheTARDIS2020.jpg


    Taken at GallifreyOne 2020.
  9. TheMoment2020.jpg


    Taken at GallifreyOne 2020.
  10. RainGodsRiver.jpg


    Cosplay based on River Song's outfit from the mini-episode Rain Gods. Taken at GallifreyOne 2020.
  11. River2019.jpg


    GallifreyOne 2019
  12. river.jpg


    Inspired by River's Rain Gods look, GallifreyOne 2020
  13. erv

    11th doctor screwdriver retrofit (w/ new electronics)

    Greetings, long time no post :-) Long story short, 3 years ago I gave a shot to the build of a sonic screwdriver board, as I got solicited for this several times and found it would be a good challenge to see how small I could make a sound board with extended electronics, including a motion...
  14. A

    New Sonic Screwdriver concept for 'Doctor Who'

    For anyone interested I have 3D-printed a custom 'mechanical' Sonic Screwdriver using movement and motors to show its function. Thanks
  15. FabiKurz

    TARDIS Door Sign Fragment

    Hi everyone! Here I share with you another of my projets This is a TARDIS Door Sign Fragment From Doctor who (Season 5 Episode 9 "Cold Blood"). I build it from a picture frame and I used a CD case with a piece of foam for the stand. I hope you enjoy it. Greeting, FabiKurz.
  16. Galaxydefender

    Has anyone ever used Rubbertoe?

    I was intrigued to learn that they actually offer payment plans, and im interested to know what that means and how they break it down. Has anyone ever done this, or have any expereince? I have emailed them, but i appreciate they are very busy with all things DW
  17. 13doctorwho

    Dalek Trooper Helmet (Resurresction Of The Daleks)

    My brother asked me to make him a replica of the Dalek Trooper Helmet from the classic Doctor Who episode Resurrection Of The Daleks. In this episode the Daleks use humanoid mercenaries as troopers. They wear a helmet made to look Dalek like. I used a Halloween army helmet as the base, but the...
  18. simon830

    Tardis Roundel

    Not sure if this counts as a model but part of it does. Working on a commission currently for a friend of mine which is as the title says, A Tardis roundel. Specifically a 2013 Tardis roundel. To start off I spent a number of hours getting references and sizes and then modelled it in blender...
  19. D

    80's Sontaran Costumes (Doctor Who)

    Hi all, I am trying to figure out what kind of material was used for the Sontarans in Doctor Who when they showed up in the mid eighties (The episode was called The Two Doctors.) I know the modern ones are made out of a sort of rubber foam, and these particular 80's ones look to be slightly...
  20. P

    Time War Dalek gunstick...?

    Are there any kits or reasonably-priced replicas available?
  21. Redd Summers

    Torchwood Hand in Jar replica help (please!)

    Hey all! I'm a complete newbie to making things and I might be jumping right off into the deep end with this but I figured I might as well get the best information I possibly can before even starting. I would LOVE to recreate the iconic "Hand in the Jar" from Torchwood/Doctor Who to go with my...
  22. emiliejoelle

    In Search of a 13th Doctor Trench Coat Pattern!

    Hello all, My name is Emilie, cosplayer and geek girl. I'm new here and was referred by a friend to check out these forums! I am in love with Doctor Who, and excited for Jodie Whittaker's run as the new 13th Doctor... and I especially love her costume. I cosplayed her at the beginning of the...
  23. Robajob

    Cyber Controller Throne

    The starting point for this build was a 12” figure of the Cyber Controller that my son has in his toy collection. He was never really very keen on this figure as he hadn’t seen the Episode from whence it came, “The Age of Steel”, as it was deemed to be too scary for him to watch at a tender...
  24. PhantomForge

    Doctor Who 1/13 Scale Hartnell TARDIS/dematerializing TARDIS WIP

    Hey everyone! With the twitch marathon of Classic Who that's going on right now, I felt inspired to make a TARDIS— which I have a surprising lack of in my apartment, so it's about time— specifically modeled after the first appearance of the TARDIS. A couple days ago, I decided I wanted to try...
  25. Robajob

    A Junk Tardis from Junk

    ​The starting point for this entire build was a little toy keyboard that my son just happened to have in his toy collection, the exact same keyboard used on the real thing in the episode “The Doctor’s Wife” that he had spotted. So after a few attempts of making a Tardis Console out of the...

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