doctor who

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  1. greatwazoo42

    Videos of several of my sonic screwdrivers

    Enjoy: YouTube - Greatwazoo42's Channel :love
  2. danfish32

    My 11th doctor costume

    So for the past couple months i've had an 11th doctor costume but since seeing the new costume he has for season 6 i think i'd like to make it a bit more accurate. here is my original costume (with a few villians :)) now the problems with this are that the jacket is to large, the pants are low...
  3. J

    Tardis PTO door sign ?

    I know there are build threads, here and on other forums, about how to build a Tardis, but I'm quite a long ways away from that. However, in the mean time, my girlfriend really wants the white rectangular plaque/sign that goes on the front door of the Tardis. I would like to know more...
  4. The Next Doctor

    My Sonic Screwdriver Collection

    Well, there is this guy on the board here, that for some reason won't give me his Sonic Screwdriver collection. Instead he wants to buy some bridge in New Mexico. So as a result, I had to start my own collection. So here is my little collection. Starting with the Second Doctor - It is just a...
  5. greatwazoo42

    New Custom Sonic Screwdriver by Simplyprops

    Everybody has THEIR prop. The one that they google search a few times a month. The one that they have multiple replicas of. The one that they carry or covet or can't stop thinking about. For me it is the classic sonic screwdriver. I have toys, wood replicas, metal replicas...I can't stop...
  6. melfe

    Dr who - K9 - First attempt

    Hi all, just cam across this ace board so wanted to show my stuff off so far and any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. Here we go:- I am not a very avid dr who fan but hav been wanting to have a go at K9 for quite a while now, I recently redid the eyes cus i got the lenses caked...
  7. Kingpin

    Doctor Who - The Seventh Doctor's umbrella v2.0

    Foreword: This is the completed build log of the project, I'll attempt to annotate references to "yesterday" and "a few days later" with the actual dates that the stages of the project took place on, but there will be some I won't have a date record for. A little history: Going on three years...
  8. Megamicrofish

    Doctor Who's K9 gets a CGI makeover

    OK, I know its a kids show but he now looks like a cheap toy. K9 Official - Home - I just saw a preview ad and this new series is being shown on Channel 5 in the UK and not the BBC He still has the voice of John Leeson though
  9. Hogosha

    Wife started knitting my Doctor Who Scarf!

    After years of asking, the wife finally started knitting me my Doctor Who Scarf! We went with the Season 12 scarf. According to the Scarf-O-Matic calculator, she is 12.1% finished after 2 days! I will post pics of the progress. Defectfully Patrick
  10. F

    Working on a DALEK. Finished the dome lights. MAY 18th 2011

    My kids and I decided we needed a little something extra to go with the TARDIS play house, so we started work on a DALEK. Hope you like the photos.
  11. Norbert

    River Song's book from Doctor Who

    Does any one have any good photos of River Song's book outside and inside? and what the size is?

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