doctor who

  1. S

    Doctor who original screen used prop
  2. Roughneckone

    Doctor Who: The Auction at Bonhams

    Don't know if this has been mentioned (did a search and couldn't find it), for anyone interested In Doctor Who, Roughneckone:cool
  3. A

    11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver soon

    A decent screen accurate replica of the very newest sonic will be available soon. Made by a company who specialise in adult executive toys, they claim screen accuracy to a level that it could be used in the show. Plus it actually will work as a screwdriver. Now you'll all have an excuse to...
  4. penwiper

    Doctor Who 'Blink' weeping angel costume

    This past weekend I went to DragonCon. I wanted to make something nifty, challenging, and Doctor Who. I love the episode Blink, so despite being a little intimidated, I decided to give it a try. (I don't know why to credit for this picture - my brother-in-law emailed it to me. If you...
  5. RKW

    SDCC08 - Dr WHO Replicas!

    Finally found some pictures of the MFXreplicas booth thanks to the guys at the statue forum. More pics can be found at Interestingly the Cyberman says working prototype...
  6. NakedMoleRat

    Timelord screen used props!

    We did a location shot at Saxbys coffee in Henderson tonight. Bad news! Filming is going to be set back a couple of months as our origional actress who was playing "Violet" had to pull out of the project. She was the major of four companions, so all of her scenes have to be reshot with our...
  7. UFO

    Show your Dr. Who props!

    just getting into the series, and id love to see what others have.... post em up. :)