1. C

    Hensoldt Wetzlar 3x replica scope

    Blaster Factory DL44 Hensoldt Wetzlar Ziel Dialyt 3x replica steel scope. Blued, painted, and weathered by Crucible Custom Props. Prices INCLUDES shipping CONUS. International buyers, please message me for a shipping quote. MTFBWY.
  2. PaleHaunt

    Want to Buy DL44 Kit for Han Solo ANH

    Hey there! I picked up a broken Umarex M712 on eBay and now it's time I finally build my DL44 prop. I'm looking for a kit to do this conversion, that doesn't need to be 100% accurate, but metal parts, as I COULD resin print all the part myself, but I already have a 3D printed version, this one...
  3. CommanderWolffe

    My DENIX ANH DL-44 build

    Hello DL-44 Community, Im happy to post my first DL-44 build, and see what y’all think! Mine is a Denix base with parts from Dark Energy Creations. The Denix was a rough cast for sure, and required a lot of clean up. There are still some small things id like to fix, but I’ll get to them in time...
  4. MastahBlastah

    Build: Han ANH Hero DL44 (Steel)

    After tweaking and tinkering with this build for the past year, I decided it's time to finally post some progress pictures of this thing! I picked up this beautiful steel Mauser kit from Field Marshall almost a year ago (right after the pandemic started) and I've really enjoyed savoring the...
  5. stevechanks

    Wooden DL-44 Jr.

    Just wanted to share a pic and some process shots of this small blaster I made for my little nephew. Sketching the plans Refining the plans in Illustrator. Makeshift latte.... er my bandsaw rough assembly Stained A test of the piezo buzzer, which I later replaced with the guts of a...
  6. Serenity

    Want to Buy Han ANH bull barrel

    Anyone have a spare bull barrel compatible with a Field Marshall Han Solo ANH flash hider? Just thought I'd see before I order one directly. Used is fine, will even consider flawed stuff for a deal, but steel is preferred in any case. Thanks!
  7. willrhami

    Custom Star Wars Blaster: The DL-180

    Currently working on my first legitimate feeling Star Wars prop, perticularly a full metal custom Star Wars blaster which I am calling the DL-180. It’s an amalgamation between the DL-44 wielded by Han Solo and the A-180 carried by Jyn Erso,my two favorite blaster props from the Star Wars films...
  8. newmagrathea

    MG-81 Flash Hider Restoration for Nick

    I've got another awesome restoration cooking. https://www.propchopshop.com/2019/08/04/mg-81-flash-hider-restoration-for-nick/
  9. alecsanz

    DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol

    Today I bring you a DL-44 I made at the beginning of 2018. More pics here: DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol I'm Alejandro and I build replicas with paper — DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol Alejandro Sanchez on Instagram: “A repaint of my DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol If you like it, fav and comment...
  10. G

    Want to Buy Compac Super

    Hoping to get lucky with this. Trying to find a Compac Super 2 1/2x scope. If anyone has one they're willing to sell, or info about the brand or how to search then drop me a line