1. sholmes221b

    (Captain) Jack Sparrow Boots Budget DIY

    Not sure how many Capt Jacks are still lurking around here, but during a full revamp of my costume, I decided to try my hand at making my own boots. I am neither a cobbler nor a leather worker, so I had very little confidence going into this, but especially for the price, I am very happy with...
  2. jcporcel

    Real size Book of Monsters from Lego Nexo Knights

    I'm a big Lego fan (as many of you probably are too), and I realy like misterious books, and for a very long time I wanted to get the BOOKS of EVIL from a Lego set called "Nexo Knights". Since I live in south america, Amazon, ebay and similar services don't quite work so I never got the chance...
  3. Patronic27


    Hey everyone! I'm a major Spider-Man fan and cosplayer like many of you out there and was considering buying this already made Spider-Man suit from a seller on Instagram. This suit has no webbing or logos printed or painted onto it which is perfect for me as I have always wanted to make a suit...
  4. AllyBP

    Arrowverse cosplay

    Hi guys. I'm always making DIY videos about my cosplays, specially the Arrowverse ones, and I posted some on my Instagram. Here are the links of it, showing what fabrics and materials I used and how I did them: (I'm from Brazil but it has english subs) Supergirl season 5 suit (I'll make a new...
  5. mediocre maker

    Retirement Gift - Lightsaber

    My second attempt at a lightsaber hilt. This one is based on a sink drain (pictured). I wanted to keep this one relatively clean, with minimal weathering. Kinda like a retirement gift for those aging out Jedi. All pieces included - Sink drain. PVC coupler, bike handlebar grip. A lot pf fun with...
  6. zachfejes

    The Mandalorian - Full Costume Project

    Hey there everybody - this is my first thread on RPF, and I'm looking forward to sharing! Like a lot of you, I loved the Mandalorian. It's well written, fun, and feels like a great addition to the Star Wars universe. I also fell in love with the Beskar armour. As soon as I saw it, I knew I...
  7. Heat Sink Flatline Apex legends (blender)

    Heat Sink Flatline Apex legends (blender)

    a short video of upcoming prop....Tier 110 battle pass #Flatline skin from #apexlegends. high poly with decent texture 3d model made completely in Blender 2....
  8. Wraith Heirloom Knife Apex Legends DIY

    Wraith Heirloom Knife Apex Legends DIY

    In today's video we are going to make #Wraith heirloom knife the process is quite simple but looks so AWESOME. #Apexlegends for more props and cosplay check ...
  9. Blood Hounds Heirloom AXE (Raven's Bite) Apex Legends DIY

    Blood Hounds Heirloom AXE (Raven's Bite) Apex Legends DIY

    Read description :- In today's video we are going to make #bloodhounds #axe by using only Popsicle Sticks as base material. this is one of the rare items in ...
  10. R-99 SMG (Zero point skin) Apex Legends DIY

    R-99 SMG (Zero point skin) Apex Legends DIY

    -{ READ DESCRIPTION }= In today's video, we are going to make #R99 SMG (Zero point skin) from #ApexLegends. #DIY This skin is one of my favorite skin in the ...
  11. Apex Legends R-99 SMG (zero point skin) comparison

    Apex Legends R-99 SMG (zero point skin) comparison

    comparison video of my Own R-99 prop and video game version R-99 SMG.... awesome day.soon i'll drop a video on my YouTube channel.
  12. Megan Shaw

    Faora UL Comic Con Cosplay

    Hi all. This is my first time posting on this site. Comic Con is finally coming to Cape Town in 2020, and I decided to make my first ever foam armour! I am writing this post as I've nearly finished my costume and want to share it with you all. I decided to do Faora UL from Man of Steel. For...
  13. 3D file and .pdo file video.mp4

    3D file and .pdo file video.mp4

    Wingman V2 from Apex Legends is ready to make (low poly 3D model and .pdo file is ready). soon i'll drop a video on my YouTube channel. hope you guys like it.
  14. Wingman Apex legends (Arduino nano Animation)

    Wingman Apex legends (Arduino nano Animation)

    first project of the year. took me long enough to finally get the accurate animation of the WIngman Pistol from apex legends....few changes will be done before the painting....dont mind the blue inc....ive mistakenly cut out the full pen refill instead of empty one....hope you guys like it... soon i
  15. S

    DIY Death Star Wall Panels

    What are the dimensions of the death star wall panels and any tips how to make them, I would like to make them life size and add LED lighting to light up the panels.
  16. themysticcafe

    Custom Measurement Dress Form Diyer

    I wanted to share this great dress form for us diyers and replica makers. I am currently working on a Charmed BOS replica but am also working on Hocus Pocus Costumes and love that it makes it easier for me to make my costumes. If anyone interested in something like this I have left my link to...
  17. CSJLeather

    Witcher 3 Feline Leather bag

    Handmade Leather Cat school gear belt bag from the witcher 3. I had a great time making this, getting the pattern by measureing the bag on my TV while the game was running, counting the stitches to make it a close to the ingame version as posible. I have a DIY video on my youtube channel (link...
  18. CSJLeather

    Kingsguard Torso Armor By CSJLeather

    I am currently working on a kingsguard armor from the first seasons of game of thrones, I make it in leather still need som shaping and a bit of paint. I did not get all of the video the first time i made it, so i need to make another for the last parts of the tutorial video -.- its a really...
  19. PhuketAussie

    Enterprise Desk

    Hello everyone, I'm very excited to find this community of fans, and hope that I can share a long-term project I have in mind, and maybe hone it with some ideas that you might have. I currently have a large desk with a three-shelf hutch, built from rough recycled timers, and backed with rough...
  20. mechx

    The Orgus Din - Master Saber

    Pretty much finished this beauty. So just showing it off :) Thanks for looking :)
  21. mechx

    Making of: Orgus Din

    Hello, I've been working to make a full metal version of the Orgus Din saber. It's fairly close to the version seen in the game. But with some realism modifications and design changes to make it install able. Here is a basic story of how it was crafted with progress shots to go with it! First...
  22. Mille2ej

    AVP Scar Plasma Caster Scratch Build (15 Pics)

    Hi All, Though I would post my build for the AVP Scar Plasma Caster, it's not 100% screen accurate but I think its pretty close. I searched the web for reference images and a lot of what I found seemed to have conflicting info. Hopefully it helps some of you out if your looking to build one or...