1. Finns Forge

    Picard Season 3 Skulls For 3D Printing

    There was a home office shown in season 3 of Picard where some of the greatest characters of Star Trek had their skulls displayed as trophies. I needed them. I found that reaching out to art teams, and props departments were not going to get me anywhere so soon after the episode aired. Yet, as...
  2. Cannikin

    Moebius Discovery XD-1: 2010 Version!

    I've seen plenty of Discovery XD-1 builds out there, but haven't seen a 2010 version, so here's mine! Backstory: in the movie 2010, the Discovery is in a decaying orbit around Io, one of the moons of Jupiter. This moon has all kinds of volcanic activity and spews sulfur into the atmosphere...
  3. LimeyBuilds

    Section 31 Phaser Pistol with all the trimmings

    This is the Star Trek Discovery Section 31 Phaser pistol with all the features of the real prop, plus a couple things from the show post-production: - Stun and kill settings with lights and extending barrel. - Working trigger with light and sound. - A moving side dial (somehow forgot to show...
  4. 3Dsf

    Documenting the HAL 9000 faceplates

    I have spent the last while researching and documenting the HAL 9000 faceplate props used in 2001: a Space Odyssey; a design that's a truly iconic piece of movie history. There has been a fair bit of information scattered hither and yon, so I decided to centralize my findings into a single...
  5. ram4815162342

    Star Trek Insignia Shadow Box - UPDATE 8/27/22: Finished!

    UPDATE: Finished!! See Post #10 for the final result! Hey all, As I've been watching through season 2 of Discovery, having just finished Lower Decks and Picard in the past half-year, I was inspired to look at putting together a shadow box display of the most iconic insignia from the whole...
  6. LimeyBuilds

    The Star Trek Discovery tricorder build

    With Star Trek Discovery about to embark on a 3rd season, I wanted to mark the occasion with a prop build. I made the Discovery-era tricorder! Failed at the necessary scientific breakthroughs to make it fully functional. But it does have lights and noises. Time for a naff montage video with...
  7. karlsharples

    Help. Star Trek transporter room. 2 week build

    Hi guys I need help, I’ve accepted a job to build a full size transporter room for a photo shoot, the license has come through paramount but they won’t give me any dimensions because the set I need to build can’t be from any specific series or ship. I have to build a generic transporter room...
  8. captaincfox

    Star Trek Discovery Uniform

    Hi everyone, been long time since I've posted here! I'm wondering if anyone else is working on or has finished a Disco Uniform? I've searched high and low across the internet and it doesn't seem a common occurrence. I'm also super interested to see if anyone actually has the uniform from...
  9. 19 Degrees

    19 Degrees

    Another Illustration born of a question. What color space suits would the three guys in hibernation wear, once revived? Bowman was red, Poole yellow, the Blue one was hanging in the pod bay. The green one was in the emergency airlock and Bowman uses the Green Helmet to re-enter the Discovery...
  10. BlackHelmet


    The inevitable Black version.