digital sculpt

  1. Bloop

    Harrison Ford 3D sculpt (learning Blender) - Deckard, Blade Runner - v1.0 3D Printed and Painted, page 4

    UPDATE: (Nov. 11th, 2021 - 3D print & painting v1.0 complete, pg 4): <I decided to add a current progress pic to the original post, partly so you don't have to scroll down if you don't want to, and partly because my first progress pic looks pretty bad in comparison. I know I was just starting...
  2. KJC

    Magneto Bust - Jim Lee inspired - Digital Sculpt

    Jim Lee is my favorite comic artist, and I have wanted to make a Magneto helmet since I started prop making. This is the reference image from his 90s X-Men run that I used for my digital sculpt. I started out just sculpting the helmet, as I originally was going to do the helmet only as a...