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    Heath ledgers joker diary

    I have finally remade the look of his book and the pages inside. The whole book is gonna be filled so I have to get creative and such. I'm only sharing one photo of the inside Just for a little taste. I had to print out the cover so its not the actual book but its close enough
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    Heath ledgers joker diary

    Heath ledger made the joker diary when trying to find his jokers personality and style and everything when the dark knight cast was introduced. He locked himself up in a hotel room alone and created the journal full of dark, gritty things, cards, hyenas. Either way, the book he used is called...
  3. LTsmash1200

    Done / Completed Indiana Jones Raiders/Ravenwood Journal (blank)

    These are hand made by me. The pages are sewn, not just glued. Once the book is done I age the cover, the front and back pages, and the edges with sandpaper, espresso, and Fuller's Earth to get it nice and deserty. I leave the rest of the pages unaged to avoid warping, but you could do the rest...