1. Sni9er

    =JJ= Industries: Mandalorian Detonator (Chapter 9)

    Hi folks for those who have been following along in our conversion adventures we're now ready to offer a range of kits& finishes for the Detonator! including metal conversion kits (we have ordered 100 sets) 3D: £7.00 - CAD/3D Files - Purchase Link Inbound in next day or two...
  2. Sni9er

    The Mandalorian Detonator (Chapter 10) - an adventure in conversion

    Hi folks! I feel it's been wholy to long since I last made a post here, I've still been working hard on props but mainly in the Facebook space! this project, however, felt like one that needed some extra documentation for future makers Since it's a conversion of a Found part and one that seems...