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  1. B

    Destiny 3D printed ghost prop

    This is a 3D printed ghost I recently finished. I hand painted it with acrylic paint. The weather I did with a silver sharpie wiped on a paper towel and scratched along the edges. I say it turned out well.
  2. QEProps

    Destiny Warlock Helmet (Nerigal Savant III or Obsidian Mind)

    Who doesn't like a little bling on their Warlock? So several months ago I was commissioned to make this helmet, specially requested to be a smaller scale to fit the customer's head and they absolutely needed it by the end of January 2015. No exceptions. I can't sculpt, and I can't 3D model...
  3. B

    Destiny Hawkmoon 3D printable

    This is a 3D model of Hawkmoon from destiny. I used destiny STL generator for the main model. It is sliced up to fit a ultimaker2 print bed. Requires Support In some areas. . The gun Comes in 6 parts. Left and right Handle. Left and right Barrel. And left and right handle claw.
  4. S

    3d printed Fusion Rifle cheap mold alternative?

    Hey all! Long time lurker first time poster. SO I have a nice 3d printed Fusion Rifle from Destiny and I really want to create a mold and ultimately cast more of them! My problem is though that the silicone that I was told to use (mold star 20) is wayyy too expensive for how much I would need...
  5. S

    Destiny Mida-Multi Tool

    I decided to create one of my favorite weapon designs in Destiny, the Mida-Multi Tool. It's a simplistic design with a cool looking sensor screen on the side. I decided to 3d print the gun, but I was not able extract the 3d files from the game. So I used Blender 3D to create the gun. This is...
  6. WebHead101

    Destiny Thorn!!!

    Hey guys so I was wondering if anyone had the 3D print files for the Destiny Thorn Hand Cannon? And also the hunters knife. Thanks!
  7. QEProps

    Want to Buy Destiny Helmet Pepakura Request (Nerigal Savant III)

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a pepakura file of the Nerigal Savant III helmet from Destiny and I'm coming up empty handed. If anyone has one, or would be willing to create one for me I would greatly appreciate it. I'd even be willing to pay for your time and assistance. Thanks!
  8. R

    (Pic heavy) Destiny Arcus Regime gun Build

    Hey Guy's!!! new member here! just started on my Arcus Regime and thought i would join this group and show my progress!! i am thinking of moulding and casting this gun so if any one is wanting to buy a cast let me know because as of so far im not sure if ill be moulding it but if enough people...
  9. Weaselhammer

    Destiny sniper rifle build

    Over the last few months i have been working on building a generic replica of the sniper rifles from the game Destiny. Most of the in game rifles share the same base and are customized differently so i made one with my favorite accessories. It was made from a wood frame and finished with...
  10. P

    Help Finding Suros Regime Reference Pictures

    So I've been playing a lot of Destiny lately, and I've really been wanting to build one of my weapons. The one I use most often is Suros Regime, and since it's pretty popular, there are some decent renderings of it out there. However, I have yet to find any images of a top, bottom, front, or...
  11. SKS Props

    Destiny Hunter Mask and Armor Cosplay Build SKS Props

    Hello again and welcome to my newest cosplay build a Hunter character from the new game Destiny. For those of you that aren't familiar with the game here are some of the reference images I am working from. A hunter in the game is a stealthy sniper class that uses agility instead of brute...
  12. T

    HandCannon from Bungie´s Destiny crafted by me

    Just the other day i finished my HandCannon inspired by Bungie´s game Destiny. I deiceded to build the Red bandit MK 38 Wich i found on I started out with a piece of Mdf as a base: Then i did som details in sintra and styrene, also beweld som of the mdf, i...
  13. Bob Rosland

    Destiny Hunter Knife Build

    After becoming addicted to Destiny, I decided I should take a crack at some of the weapons from the game. I switched to easy mode and started with the Hunter's knife. It started with drawing blueprints using the image that Bungie graciously provided that shows the knife from every angle you...
  14. N

    Destiny Fallen Captain build help!

    Hey, everybody! I'm fairly new to costuming, and I've decided to tackle the challenge of building a suit of Fallen armor from scratch. To begin, I need some good reference pics of either a plain old Fallen Captain, or even better, Aksor the Archon Priest. If anyone has some that they would be...
  15. CCW1984

    Destiny Warlock Manifold Seeker - First Full Build with Tips!

    Hello everyone! I decided it might be a good idea to document my first build, and everything I have gone through to research and implement it, in the hope that this will be of use to other new builders. I will try to give credit to everyone and everywhere I found my information, but I'm not...
  16. Merentha

    Destiny Hunter Bladedancer costume

    I only had 2 weeks to put together my Halloween costume this year and I really wanted to do a hunter from Destiny, so the crunch began... I didn't finish all the pieces I wanted to or get all the details done but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I'll probably do a bit more work before...
  17. T

    Making my first cosplay helmet

    Hello everyone, I am in the process of building a cosplay for destiny and the Helmet is proving to be the hardest part. Should I make a model of what I want to create first from foam or another material? Also, how should I go about measuring my head for the helmet?
  18. A

    [Help] Looking to get into cosplay, but don't know where to start.

    Hi, I've been looking to get into cosplay and building my own outfits out of EVA foam, but I have no idea where to start. As for tools, I know I need a few cutting knives, a heat gun, rolls or tiles of EVA foam (Varied thickness), hot glue, and a cutting mat to do the project on. What I don't...
  19. G

    Destiny Hunter, first build, in FOAM, too!

    Hello everyone! I've done this a few times, started a thread and project, gave up, started a thread, gave up, etc etc. Not this time.This time will be different, I swear it!Mostly because I've sunk a lot of $$$ into it already. So. First build, sorta. I've done pepakura with paper and bondo and...
  20. I

    Destiny Ghost Pepakura File

    Hi guys. I just wanted to share the Destiny Ghost Pepakura file with you all. Hope this helps anyone who has been looking to make one of these. Download link for the file is below:
  21. V

    Destiny-Titan Undersuit

    So, as i'm sure many other have, i've decided to start planning out a Titan cosplay thanks to Bungie releasing all those wonderful shots to use. I'm still attempting to locate the best method for constructing the undersuit itself, but in the meantime i've decided to put my insomnia to use and...
  22. T

    Hunter Blade from Bungie´s Destiny

    Hi, a while ago i finished my build of the Hunter Blade from Bungie´s upcoming game Destiny. I started out with an reference pic i downloaded at Bungie´s home pageBungie to use as a template. Wich i then traced to a piece of sintra 5mm. Then used my scrollsaw to cut it out, i glued together 2...
  23. H

    Destiny- Duke mk 44 and Hunters Kinife

    Hey all this is my first post on here and i wanted to share some pics of my destiny build so far. I will have more pics to come as i assemble the Duke but i am gonna make some molds first so i can have 2 and if anyone else wants one. The Trigger and Hammer both move and the cylinder spins and...
  24. rundown

    Destiny pepakura files - Hunter helmet

    Hey, i'm going to start model the basic classes from destiny. Currently I have one hunter file ready to be pepped. (the hunter from the cgi trailer) More to come! Model: Rundown Unfold: carpathiavh99

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