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  1. AdalaWulfe

    [Destiny] 'Light Beyond Nemesis' Helm - FIRST PEP + BUILD WIP

    A.K.A. THE ALL EXOTIC WARLOCK BUILD :D I posted a while back in the Pep. Info thread that I was attempting to make a file for the Warlock exotic 'Light Beyond Nemesis.' This was back when I first started working around in Blender. Here is the process: ... Feathers will be make with...
  2. O

    Destiny Warlock Cosplay Build W.I.P. (And Help Please lol)

    Hey All, So for a while now I've wanted to start a Destiny Warlock Cosplay and after looking at all the possible ways to constuct the helmet, I decided to go with the pepakura route. The downside of working full time is i only get a few hours at night and my days off to work on this project...
  3. FrozenCapsicle

    Destiny Crucible Flag Build

    How's it going internet! On a whim while out at lunch with my woman we came up with the idea to build a functional flag from crucible: So from there we made a hardware store run and the adventure begins! We decided to use 2" PVC pipe as it's cheap and easy enough to work with and find...
  4. Darth Lupo

    A quick question to all of you :)

    Do any of you know if there is a pepakura file for the hunter's exotic arm piece from Destiny? The Young Ahamkara's Spine. Or if its even possible to make with EVA Foam? I really really want to create it. :)
  5. QEProps

    Destiny Sparrow full-size Build

    I started a personal project a few weeks ago to build a full-size Sparrow from Bungie's Destiny. I'm doing everything from in-game screen shots for reference since I wasn't able to get a response from Bungie. Full size will be about 9.5' long (3m) and will be able to be disassembled into 4...
  6. V

    Destiny - Pocket Infinity ( in progress)

    i'm working on the pocket infinity from Destiny. this is my first time using Solidworks or any 3d drawing software for that matter. (i'm not there yet but it will be my first time casting too) here's where i'm at. I plan on 3d printing the parts, then make a mold out of it and cast it in...
  7. SKS Props

    Destiny Hunter Mask Celestial Nighthawk SKS Props

    Starting a new hunter thread for my latest mask the Destiny Hunter Celestial Nighthawk. I wanted to make this one so bad that I took this commission even before the official name for the mask was released. This mask should be a little easier to build because I get to use my past helmets as a...
  8. RedSpecial

    Destiny: the sword of Crota replica

    Hi everyone! Here's my latest finished prop, the sword of Crota from Destiny. Its 1:1 scale at roughly 4ft in length and 1ft wide, hand sculpted out of a block of modelling foam and cold cast in aluminium filled resin. Thanks for looking!
  9. F

    My first costume build: Destiny Hunter w/ Crota's End raid gear

    Hello, all! I've been lurking therpf for quite some time now since I became interested in building costumes. I can't thank the community enough for the tips, tools and how-to's you all have put out in the world. Well, I absolutely love Destiny. Have been following it since they released the...
  10. D

    Borderlands Crimson Lance build Complete

    Hello members of the RPF, I have been working on my first build for the past year to get ready for Megacon 2015. I decided on building the Crimson Lance armor from Borderlands. I just recently finished this build and brought it to Megacon where people just couldn't stop taking photos of me. I...
  11. M

    Raku Crucible titan armor from DESTINY

    Hi I am working on armor from Destiny game. At the beginning it was Armada but one of customer bought Raku chest armor so I changed. this armors have the same basic shape of chest and back piece. Only details are different. Here you have so update
  12. R

    Destiny EVA foam Kabr titan cosplay (vault of glass raid armor)

    For the last week or so I have been working on the legs of the armored suit. Here is what I have so far. :Dthis started out as the hand armor but became too large so was swapped to the boot armor later. Plasti-dip away!!! now for the knee guards/plates.These plates were heated, bent...
  13. zanderwitaz

    Destiny Hand Cannon (s)- The Devil You Know/Duke Mk 10/21

    Hey guys, I know its been a long time so I figured I'd show my latest project. I'm rather proud of how it turned out! Grab a beer, this is a long one... In every sci-fi game or anime, there’s there’s always the more basic/generic militarized version of weapons and vehicles, and then there’s...
  14. MrAtombomb

    Foam Destiny Helmets.

    Hi RPF! Since the weather has been so cold and miserable over the winter I set out to hone my indoor crafting skills, with the use of EVA foam in particular. So armed with Pepakura and a few .pdo files, some EVA floor mats, a pair of fabric scissors, an xacto knife and some Copydex glue I set...
  15. F

    Destiny Thorn Hand Cannon

    Hello everyone! I found a stl file for the Thorn Hand Cannon from Destiny and i knew i had to make it! I printed it with my XYZ Davinci 1.0 ( a decent 3D printer). Its full size, and once assemblied, it is a monstrosity of a gun! and i have made a little progress on the long road that is...
  16. Angel Virus

    Destiny Warlock WIP (Dusk Tread III, Light Beyond Nemesis,...)

    Greetings RPF! Been browsing a bunch of the forum's fantastic Destiny Warlock cosplays and thought I'd post the progress on mine. Parts: -Head: Light Beyond Nemesis ( -Body: Dusk Tread III...
  17. C

    CNC help

    I work with with a company that builds sets for Theater, shows and exhibitions. A few months back they picked up this bohemath to speed things up and produce more intimate items. I am not computer inclined in any way and so ask for the assistance of the the RPFers who are. We want to test it...
  18. C

    Destiny hunters blade build (pic heavy)

    I found the plans for the Destiny hunters blade on bungi's website and had to drop my current project and make one. Some of my methods are a tad unoththadox as I am not very computer minded but they work if you're on a budget. I started by putting the image on my TV and zooming in till it was...
  19. Buckethead

    Destiny Warlock Build: Skull of Dire Ahamkara

    Hi I'm Dan, new member, and I just thought I'd share my first build, starting with the helmet I am working on; the Destiny Warlock helmet the Skull of Dire Ahamkara which is my absolute favourite design from Destiny. I was scouring the rpf and the 405th for Pep files and found some great ones by...
  20. M

    Destiny Gjallarhorn build: can't seem to get it in-game so I'm just making my own

    Hi everyone, I've lurked around here for an awful long time, and I thought I should finally throw my hat in the ring. I've started my build of the Gjallarhorn from Destiny. I've got a whole bucket of PVC pipe that's uninteresting at the moment, and I've started sculpting the ornaments with...
  21. L

    Destiny Costumes - Suit Help

    Hey, My partner and I are planning on doing some Destiny costumes - most likely a Hunter for him and a Titan for me. We're happy with the armour making portion of it all, but sewing has never been my strong point. For any Destiny cosplayers out there, what did you do for your undersuits, and...
  22. F

    Mold making question

    Hey guys, I was thinking about trying out making a prop destiny gun from extruded polystyrene since I have some. My question is will that react badly if I try to mold it with silicone? Id hate to spend hours working on it only for it to melt or something. Thanks in advance!
  23. H

    Unyielding casque from destiny with pepakura

    Hi, i'm new in the wonderfull props world but i want to start with a big experiment. I would like to recreate the unyielding casque for the hunter in destiny and i downloaded the 3d file from but the model is too rough. I already tried with netfabb cloud but i'm not...
  24. chinbeard

    Destiny Titan Costume Build

    Boy howdy it's been a while since I've posted a build on here. Well, I just started a new costume build for myself and I figured I'd keep progress updated in this thread. I'm planning on working on this armor every Friday. I've been playing a LOT of Destiny. I do love my titan, so that's what...
  25. BobasDent1138

    Destiny Warlock Help

    Hey everyone! I've started (slowly) a Warlock build and need some advice. -->In regards to the cloak/tunic/robes, what material would be best if I'm going for a heavier-feeling, almost canvas feel? Also, the inner quilting. Is that just the foam stuffing with a fabric sewn in the diamond...

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