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  1. MrAtombomb

    Destiny Hunter helmet timelapse video

    Hi All I thought I'd share a timelapse video of how I put together a Hunter helmet from Destiny using a template designed for EVA foam. Some of the things I like to do, which are different than what I've seen previously are as follows; Print my template onto adhesive paper, cut the shapes out...
  2. T

    First Post, First Build

    Hey guys, I'm new to forums altogether and new here. I figured that if I had a team backing me up with moral support it would give me the motivation I needed to finish my first project! I'm working on the Obsidian Mind from Destiny. This is my progress as of right now, I'll be posting again...
  3. D

    Destiny: Banshee-44 Mask

    Hey RPF! Over the past few weeks I've been piecing together this mask. I haven't seen too many people make Exo masks, let alone Banshee-44. I entered this into the Sci-fi contest on Instructables, so if you like this build please vote for me! I also made an Instructable with the rest of my build...
  4. Weaselhammer

    Destiny Scout rifle, the HUNG JURY

    Hey there ! I recently finished the Hung Jury scout rifle build from the video game Destiny. I painted it like the 3d model on the Destiny app as I wasn't keen on the giant Dead Orbit logos that is in the actual game. I made it out of pvc and some styrene, The mag is held on with magnets and can...
  5. Pink Props

    cold cast destiny hunter knife science

    I already posted this on the 405th, but whatever. here is my original destiny hunter knife I made by cold casting aluminum and acrylic paint. I have since gone back and tested different finishes with Iron powder, black resin, and aluminum darkener. The Iron powder is a lot heavier than...
  6. Timo Machine

    Destiny Hunter build with Future War Cult gear + weapons

    Hi i started a build from Destiny. Hunter build with Future War Cult gears and im making the Raze-Lighter exotic sword and primary weapon is Imago loop hand cannon. so far sword is almost ready only details to do and painting its the ready. I started doing the chest piece. Work in progress and...
  7. W

    I built a Suros Rifle from Destiny the Game!

    So I've been a long silent fan on the RPF and had been too lazy to post any of the builds I've made. That's going to change! Recently I went through a long scratch build process leading up to the prop making contest at Stan Lee's Comikaze expo. Below are 2 links, the first leads to the photo...
  8. Shadeling

    Destiny Stl Generator

    Thought I'd share a site that can export armor and weapons from the game Destiny in STL format, which can be easily converted to pep or 3D print.
  9. R

    Hunter costume from Destiny

    Hello. this is my first project that i'm doing as well as my first time using clay and doing something like this so I would appreciate any feedback and tips. I'm 17, and making this costume for a couple of reasons 1. I want to make props and costumes when I get out of high school 2. i'm using...
  10. Kipster12345

    Want to Buy Halloween Costume! (Preferably Star Wars)

    Hey everyone since I did not have enough time and money to finish my Clone Trooper before Halloween I am going to need a new costume that is not expensive, and does not take long to make (if crafting is required) . I am open to all suggestions I would love a Star Wars costume, but I would not...
  11. WaffleSammich

    Advice on the Crest of Alpha Lupi?

    Hello! I was planning out and hopefully going to work on a destiny cosplay this month, but I was looking for advice on making the chest piece of my guardian: The Crest of Alpha Lupi. I was wondering if anyone had any tips for the actual wolf face part, everything else seems simple enough. I'm...
  12. Z

    destiny weapon replica build from nerf guns

    hey all, im new to making props i have no electric tools, but i want to make a costume for comicon next year from destiny if people could point out what guns to use would be great. once done with the guns i will start looking at the armor also if possible i would like the mechanics of the gun...
  13. N


    I've made a lot of costumes, but this will be my first foam build. 38 pieces in the helmet template, and I've got 7 weeks to make it - am I crazy? Please offer your encouragement or disdain here.:lol
  14. D

    Creating a mold using Clay and Foam

    Atm, I've been working on a Project I nicknamed "Nothing-M" for a few weeks now and I've gotten my electronics some what down, but I've been trying to figure out a way to create a mold while I have the base shape done with foam and filled with water-base air dry clay. of cousre i know i have to...
  15. drjag

    Airsoft Destiny Hand Cannon

    Hello all! It's been over a year since I have started a new thread for a new project but now I finally have the time to share some of the work I've been doing over the past couple months. As the title says, this thread is to show the process of making an actual functioning airsoft Hand Cannon...
  16. Adkos

    Destiny Xûr's Strange Coins (for 3D printing)

    Hello The RPF, this is my 1st thread ^^ I wanna share with you my first attempt at 3D modelised something, and here it is : a Strange Coin from the video-game Destiny. There's already some 3D Strange Coins on the internet, but they only have a "face" side, no "tail". Mine have both, with the...
  17. Skigoddard

    Destiny Ghost Build

    Hello! Over the past few days, I have been building a model of the Frontier Ghost Shell from Destiny. I started with a 3D print in PLA. There were lots of rough stepping lines, so I gave it a few coats of Rustoleum Primer Filler then sanded it smooth for several hours. In order to keep my...
  18. S

    Destiny Auto Rifle (X-Carve)

    Quick intro: I've been into woodworking for about 10 years now and when my son asked me to build him a wooden Halo gun a last year, I jumped into model making with both feet. I work primarily with a scroll saw, but recently got my hands on an X-Carve CNC from Inventables. Below are pictures of...
  19. L

    Destiny: Warlock cosplay build

    So after completing my Dire of Ahamkara helmet for fun, I decided to go all the way and make a full Warlock cosplay from Destiny. Going with the old school Iron Banner gear with the Dead Orbit Revenant coloring. I'm just excited about trying to get into some new materials and techniques. I am...
  20. Starside Armory

    Destiny MIDA Multitool (full build)

    Hello! This is my build of the MIDA Multitool scout rifle from Destiny. It is predominately layered MDF, then molded and cast in resin. This is my second serious gun build, so I was learning a lot as I went. The scout rifle grip design appears to be based on an FN P90, a gun that I...
  21. T

    Destiny Thorn

    Recently I decided that I would make Thorn for my Dad's birthday. I will be using MDF, and will probably be making a cast of it. I made a set of templates based on promotional art for the weapon. Based on the references I have found this is full scale (21in. length). I will be printing mine at...
  22. L

    Word of crota destiny gun

    Hey everyone, So this is my 2nd gun that I print from the game Destiny, my first one was the Thorn. I commissioned someone to make the render of this gun so i can print it. Here are the pics of the completed print, tell me what you think? A lot more work is still to be done, i will be smoothing...
  23. F

    Destiny "The Devil You Know" Scratch Build

    I have finally gotten around to starting my first scratch build, and since I have been playing Destiny so much lately, I decided to build The Devil You Know. I cut out layers of 1/4" Sintra for the base and stacked thinner pieces on top to make the smaller details. Stacked layers of 1/4"...
  24. L

    Destiny Helmet: Skull of Dire Ahamkara

    FINISHED : Skull of Dire Ahamkara with the Dead Orbit Revenant shader coloration, aka silver metal and a darker bone color. ------------------------------------------------- Original Thread Below ------------------------------------------------- So this is my first time doing Pepakura, and I...
  25. L

    Destiny: Ascendant Sword of Crota

    Hello to anyone checking this out. So this is my first prop creation, and my first post on The RPF after a long time of watching, learning, and being inspired from the sidelines by all the true talent on these forums. For my first project I wanted to work cheap, and create something with an...

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