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  1. Cyan Junkie

    Destiny: Rise of Iron Iron Lord Axe

    Hey all. I started this build in October of 2016 as a side project while I built my Dark Souls Artorias cosplay. I've taken a decent amount of progress photos so far. Pretty close to being done. I've cut out all of the pieces for the handle except the pomel but haven't taken pictures yet. So...
  2. S

    First cosplay in destiny using pepakura

    so I want to build my ingame guardian and I am having trouble with pep have gotten the in game stl files and I was wondering how to make it out of foam i am using netfabb for editing the files but still i don't understand the scaling in pep and how to go about this using pep and foam if you...
  3. Rook 3

    Need help: Color matching Destiny Video game Cayde-6 Costume Planning.

    Once again the evil ghoul that is my color blindness has raised it''s ugly head. I need help researching accurate color matching for the Cayde-6 (Nathan Fillion) Character from the video game Destiny. I'm a little red/green and some blue/purple shade colorblind, so any help appreciated...
  4. S

    Destiny - Heavily Damaged Judith-D Hand Cannon

    This hand cannon was my first gun build, as well as an attempt to build something that had seen heavy use, as well as being forgotten on the battle field. It was also a way to work out the kinks to doing finer details with scoring and heating up foam.
  5. H

    Destiny - Hawkmoon 3D Printing Model

    Hey RPF, I've started a model for rapid prototyping a Hawkmoon! I'll post up progress as I make it here. I'm designing it to be broken down into parts, to help with printing and finishing. Currently the assembly sits at 7 pieces.
  6. zanderwitaz

    Destiny Zhalo Supercell Exotic Auto Rifle Full Scratch Build (Pic heavy)

    DISCLAIMER: The majority of this project wasn't built by me. It was built by the talented Terry Butler ( @Weaselhammer ) here, and then handed off to me later on in the build for some tweaks and molding. We now both have copies of the project and will be posting completed pictures when the time...
  7. roguishly

    Another Personalized Destiny Titan Build

    While I wait for my 3d printer to arrive for my other main build (another Destiny build; the exotic pulse rifle Outbreak Prime) I've been getting to work on another build that I've been wanting to do for some time but for reasons (mainly university) I have been unable to until now. I've seen a...
  8. quiksilvababe

    Destiny Warlock Iron Saga bond, commission/shop?

    I am looking to get this made, anyone know of a website that offers this? I live in Silicon Valley so there has to be a way perhaps even in person.
  9. roguishly

    Destiny Exotic Pulse Rifle - Outbreak Prime

    edit! The following build is going to be a work in progress as well as quite picture heavy as I take you through the process of designing and making this beast of a Destiny replica. I hope you enjoy Long time lurker, first-time threadder(?) Now that the school year is over for me (god bless)...
  10. RSloan76

    Destiny: Hawkmoon Hand Cannon

    I haven't posted in a very long time, but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy in the last year or so. For starters, here's my Hawkmoon build: For more pics and documentation of the entire build go to: The Projects
  11. R

    Destiny Hunters Knife Remembrance Frame

    Unfortunately I didn't take many pictures of the processes but I thought i'd share my experience with people. I've been wanting to do something for a friend of mine as a house warming/birthday present for his home office. So I decided to recreate the Hunters Knife from the Destiny game. Rather...
  12. JustFLyCasual

    Destiny Grasp of Malok Build

    Hey yall! This is actually my first build, and I realize how big of a undertaking this project will be, and it's probably going to be a while till it all comes together, but hey gotta start somewhere first right? I've really enjoyed my time playing destiny and was inspired by some of the...
  13. N

    Destiny Jade Rabbit Build

    Enjoy some pics of my Destiny Jade rabbit Build. Using Smooth Cast 65D
  14. canister

    Destiny sidearm ~ Trespasser ~

    Hi Guys After watching punished props youtube channel I started thinking about what I could make, first thing that came to mind was the Ace of spades, So I made the chamber and slug along with a sketch of the gun. Then I found that the Ace of spades has be made already by Lael lee. So after...
  15. sceno

    Unlimited Run Destiny Lord Saladin's Axe 1:1.

    Hi Everyone my mates and i over at Kar Props have started a new project together. Our team has 3d modeled and printed the parts of the of the Axe. I will be getting my hands on the 3d prints with in the next week where i will finish the parts and...
  16. S

    Destiny Hunter Knife Replica

    I can't find a way to delete this post.
  17. Y

    Punished Props Jade Rabbit Build, Help with Cutting Layers of EVA Foam

    Hi all, Long time no post. I've been so busy with school and work the past few years that it's taken until now to start up on props again. I'm currently working on the Jade Rabbit replica from Destiny that Punished Props punished in their second book, and although it went smoothly at first, I'm...
  18. made007

    Aksor Fallen Archon Priest Cosplay, Destiny Game

    Its been a long time since I posted here I bought a new computer so I can return now heres my new project its gonna be my first large scale cosplay, so ill learn on the road hope I can get it done shrapnel launcher heres the model laellee made for me already on fiberglass for this build...
  19. draicairgid

    Destiny titan armor wip

    Hello guys! Recently a decieded to make some destiny armor as i'm huge fan of the looks of it. But i don't have a console (i played it when visiting my friend) and couldnt find good referece images in the web, only help was bungie website. So maybe someone playing titan in legendary set called...
  20. QEProps

    Destiny Titan Complete Foam Build

    It's been a couple years since I built a new costume for myself. I finally forced some time for a project for myself this year to match the Sparrow I built last year from the video game Destiny. I'd been planning on doing my Titan from the game wearing all Iron Banner gear since last winter...
  21. stephonatron

    Destiny - Suggestions/Advice on Mouth of Ur Helmet Visor

    Hey guys, long time lurker first time poster. I'm planning on making the Mouth of Ur helmet from Destiny but I'm a bit stuck on how I'm going to go about making the visor. My roomate and I want to rig up a home made vacuum forming table, and initially I thought I might be able to vacuum...
  22. B

    How Would I Go About This?// Neuroghast Hunter Gear

    So, I have not decided on a con I'd like to attend to with this armor set. Matter of fact I don't have anything in mind, I recently joined yesterday, I usually browse the site for about 3 years now, looking upon ideas and builds. Now this armor set I'm having difficult time with, (because its a...
  23. D

    Destiny Titan Trials of Osiris Armor-pic HEAVY

    Here is my build process for my Destiny Titan Trials gear. This is my 2nd suit of armor, and cosplay I've made. I waited til the last minute on this build, and i do not plan to be as bad ever again! i also have this album uploaded on my newly setup cosplay page, that i just made as a collection...
  24. zanefielding

    Foam Destiny Hand Cannon

    I know, I know. This is so 2014 but I still wanted to share. My foam Destiny Hand Cannon is complete. Nice little learning process. I think it turned out ok. Not 100% screen accurate but close. Thanks Punished Props for the awesome stencil.
  25. K

    Destiny Dead Orbit Bond (pic heavy)

    I'm going to otakon this year as my warlock from destiny wearing the full exile armor but amidst its many trials I decided to add in this a confidence building test bond for a friend who's going with me. He's in dead orbit, and here's his bond. Looking at the pic some 2 immediate hurdles are...

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