destiny 2

  1. kinq

    DESTINY 2 Whisper of the Worm Prop Sniper Gun

    First time I've ever posted! But I've been scouring the internet and have yet to find a helpful source- I'm creating a 150cm (length) replica of the Whisper of the Worm gun from Destiny 2 for a half going-away and half birthday present for my boyfriend. As I said, it is massive, the largest...
  2. namivanmar

    Ghost shell from Destiny with electronics

    Here are some pictures of a 3D printed Ghost shell I've built as a present for someone. It has a Raspberry Pi Zero inside with a mini display and speaker from adafruit. It took some time to make it play a sound after boot and handle the display since I had 0 experience with Raspberry and...

    need help finding pep file

    righto you lot, i need help finding a pepakura layout file for the destiny "anti - extinction helm" now all ive done is scrolled through google but I'm a cheap scape and who the **** wants to pay for **** so help me out? anyone out there has the file they wouldn't mind sharing that would be...
  4. TanskiTannero

    Stencil Making, Help!

    I am currently making the Ace of Spades from Destiny 2 and I am at the part where I need to make the Spade designs on the Handle and the Reciever, and I hate to say it but I have never made a stencil in my life, can anyone help me?
  5. garrettpounds

    Looking for help with motorized/moveable parts in a prop gun from Destiny!

    Hello all. I’ve had the idea to make the Devil’s Ruin sidearm from Destiny 2 ever since I first saw it. I also just recently bought my first 3d printer, and I want to make the DR as a 3d printed prop! However, I also want it to function like it does in the game. The primary fire is just like a...
  6. S

    3D effects

    First time prop maker... Had a prop made by a buddy, it is a model of Thorn from Destiny. I see countless standard paint finishes of black and green and I want to go on a different route ... I want to replicate the acid rose ornament, however, it requires a bunch of tiny scoring and marking...
  7. thepoynt

    Limited Run Thorn Handcannon from Destiny

    Note: extremely limited run of these. Probably only going to do 2-3. First come, first serve. Selling finished resin casts of the Thorn exotic hand cannon from Destiny, from a master made by me. 17.5" long, probably about 3lbs, Dark metallic finish, rotating cylinder, and real leather-wrapped...
  8. Killrapture

    Trying to Piece Together a Hunter Gunslinger From Destiny 2

    Hello, i'm currently trying to piece together a Gunslinger armor set but I'm having some trouble finding certain pieces, specifically the boots and pants. I would rather not have to sew pants together but it seems that is my only real option at this point. Here are the reference images I'm using...