1. J

    Turning My DeLorean into a Time Machine

    Almost done with the interior of the DeLorean time machine conversion. Aiming for as close to screen accurate as possible to the 'A' car. Here is the latest video where I install the gold heatinks into the car.
  2. JTurchetta

    Completed Eaglemoss 1:8 Scale DeLorean Time Machine

    Hi everyone! Here is a look at my 1:8 scale Eaglemoss DeLorean. I was lucky enough work on the restoration team of the original A-Car, so I modeled this one after that car. I also was lucky enough to shoot the reveal trailer for that car back when it was completed, so I have riffed on my own...
  3. M

    DeLorean 1/6 Hot Toys

    Hey guys!! I’m looking for the 1/6 scale DeLorean Hot Toys (at a good price! ) If anyone of you want to sell his time machine... Thank you!!