1. SeanG22

    Regal Robot 1:1 Star Wars Holochess Prop Replicas Review! - Dejarik Set and Body Slam

    Hey guys! Just released a YouTube video review for the Regal Robot Holochess pieces! I also do a side by side comparison to the Galaxy's Edge pieces! Feel free to check it out if you have a chance! It's my first video :)
  2. Baruopa

    Wanted: Rogue One Dejarik/Holochess Pieces Reference

    Hi all, I'm sure pretty much all of you know about the physical dejarik game being played I the background of Saw Gerrera's hideout on Jedha in Rogue One. I really like the idea and aesthetic of it but can't seem to find much of any reference on it, was wondering if maybe you guys knew or could...