defense of the ancients

  1. MaceRider

    Another DOTA Juggernaut mask build

    So this is the second Pepakura headgear I've ever made, but the first one I'm actually going to finish. A guy I know asked me to make him a mask for his Juggernaut cosplay, and I, being the too-nice-person I am, agreed to help him. I searched far and wide for a decent Pep file and eventually...
  2. TheRambler

    DOTA 2: Pepakura Juggernaut Mask - WIP

    I've hesitated starting this build log because I feel like such a noob to the whole pepakura thing but I'll throw my "hat" in the ring. The hat in question is the mask for the Juggernaut character in DOTA 2. My brother-in-law is going to a convention next year and I'm doing the mask as a...
  3. Eric Kackle

    Dota 2 Juggernaut Mask! *Pepakura* *Original*

    I have not seen this anywhere on the internet where an actual file was made for the mask of the character Juggernaut who is in DotA 2. DotA has recently become a great obcession of mine, so I figured I would help out the community with this one. I plan to do other heroes as well... in the...