1. C

    Laser Printer Decal Paper Suggestions

    Hey Everyone! I've got a decently long run of decals I need to do, and my preferred vendor pretty much went under during the pandemic. I have Ghost Toner for white 'ink' and Canon ImageCLASS LBP623Cdw printer. Does anyone have any suggestions on professional laser printer decal paper clear...
  2. Plokman

    Water Slide Decals and marker.

    Hey all, Been busy ordering new things for the shop and I had a thought on Inkjet decal paper, would you be able to mark on them with paint pens or Sharpe pens and get a working decal after following the standard "Coat and place in water" method? I ask because I know it is almost impossible to...
  3. peanutismint

    Printing decal stickers at home - how do I make sure they print at the correct size to stick onto a project?

    This might be a simple question but I'm new at printing artwork. I have a small plastic replica of an arcade cabinet and I'd like to print some custom decals to stick to the sides/front of the case. To do this accurately and to scale I assume I'll need to first take accurate measurements of the...

    Case for my Ghostbusters Proton Gun

    Hi, after my build of a Ghostbusters Proton Gun Hero Prop for a friends birthday, I wanted to build something he could store it in. A case in some form. After watching Adam Savages build of a case for his NASA microskope (search for "One Day Builds: Adam Savage Demonstrates Weathering Tricks")...