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  1. Indy Magnoli

    MasterChef: Superhero Cook-Off (our latest fan film parody)

    We've been working on this a while... hope you guys get a kick out of it: Part I: Part II: Bloopers: Let us know what you think... and please share it around! Kind regards, Indy Magnoli
  2. pitchforknumb

    Deathstroke: Skull Variant

    Hey guys. I've been working on this skull variant of Deathstroke from the awesome figure that Prime1 Studio put out. To this point the sculpt is mostly finished, and I'm just beginning the molding process for it. I hope to have it molded within the week and have a cast done in the following...
  3. Jonbre

    Want to Buy Deathstroke Mask (Arrow, Season 1)

    Hi, everyone! I'm interested in purchasing a high-quality, screen-accurate, non-latex (from material that would keep its shape) Deathstroke mask; specifically, the Arrow: Season 1 version. If anyone has any info, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks! -Jon
  4. ShadowAssassin

    Arkham Origins Deathstroke - Finished build FOAM

    Just under a year ago I begun production on my Arkham Origins/Knight Deathstroke foam build. I'd been posting progress pics and updates on my instagram but thought it was time to make a thread here about making it. There are still minor things I am fixing with it and want to change but I still...
  5. D

    Need help with Deathstroke Arkham origins props/accessories

    HI everyone, i recently purchased a Deathstroke set of armor and need help finding items that closely resemble his accessories in origins such as holsters, pouches, the belt thing across his chest. I know a lot of this stuff is probably somewhat easy to find, the problem is I don't know the...
  6. T

    Want to Buy Looking for mask maker to attempt Crisis on Earth-X "Dark Arrow" mask

    Hey everyone! I know there are a lot of mask/helmet makers in this group, specifically CW Arrow Deathstroke, so hopefully this peaks someone's interest.
  7. IDED

    Deathstroke Foam Armour

    Hi peeps, I wanted to share this build, mainly due to the amount of help I got from the various topics on this site which helped me greatly I becoming capable of making it in the first place. To start I found some reference images, fortunately thanks to the one I am working on being from a game...
  8. J

    Deathstroke - Arkham Origins - Jerverant

    Hi everyone, this is actually my first post here. Since i've realized that Deathstroke was going to appear in Justice League, I wanted to start this costume from this amazing character. So here is the process so far: I've decided to start making the gun, a M4 Carabine. I know Deathstroke...
  9. S

    please help with deathstroke arkham origin

    hey I am trying to make the death stroke suit myself and this is my first time , can please someone help me and tell me how should I go about making one myself , I have one 2 weeks for this project or like 10 days. I have made a death stroke helmet out of cardboard though as a start, I am...
  10. Logan Kane

    Deathstroke Deluxe Build - By Logan Kane

    Hey Everyone, I have been a lurker here for some time and I have been thinking of creating a highly detailed Deathstroke set of armor like in the reference pictures below. I will be using lots of different materials including: Foam Fabrics Leather (Or more likely, Faux leather) And maybe...
  11. V

    Want to Buy Arrow Season 2 Deathstroke Chest And Back Armor

    Looking for the blue chest and back armor that Slade wears over his equestrian vest on his V2 outfit. It must be detailed. Tell me your price, reply on this thread or send a PM!
  12. T

    Help with warped pep!?!

    So still very new with this whole pepakura thing. During the process of putting fiberglass on the mask it seemed to warp quite a bit. What is the best way to go about fixing something like this? It may be hard to see in the picture but it's very noticeable in person
  13. ClayTheSpider15

    Deathstroke Custom Foam Armor HELP

    Hey Everyone, I am trying to finish a Deathstroke armor suit, but because I don't have the time to make it a SA Arkham Origins Deathstroke, I'm making it based off of the armor. Can someone help out?
  14. G

    Deathstroke Armor

    My first Deathstroke armor build. Thought I'd share to get some feedback on it. Made entirely out of EVA foam. Except the mask which is not my work. More pics are available in my Etsy shop: TheMadAnvilAmory
  15. WolframCreative

    Wolfram Creative MurK Armor custom, Deathstroke and Red Hood

    Made from a semi Rigid Urethane, Mur'K Armor is a perfect costume chest piece that can be character specific. Made with our Mur'K series Masks in mind, it's comfortable and versatile for many character pieces. Basic Color is Black, but casts can be made custom color per customization request...
  16. E

    Deathstroke Suit and Weaponry - Pic Heavy

    A big hello to the RPF community! While this is not the first costume I've done, this is my first time posting a build thread on any forum site, so I hope you all enjoy what I have to show! Also, if I did something wrong and the pictures aren't showing correctly, I would appreciate info on how...
  17. N

    Injustice Deathstroke V2.0

    Finally back to attempt putting together my son's Injustice Deathstroke V2.0 after a few months of better research and practice! I went with foam this time instead of cardboard which I think I did a much better job with. At this point I've assembled the mask with hot glue and sanded down any...
  18. V

    Want to Buy Deathstroke armor

    Hi, I'm looking to commission a Deathstroke armor like this one : Thanks in advance.
  19. Deathstroke


    Slade Wilson / Deathstroke at Wizard World New Orleans 2016.
  20. Z

    Help! - Deathstroke Costume Advice

    Hi! This is my first time posting in the RPF so I don't know if I'm doing this right. Anyhow, I was wondering if anyone knows how to make/buy an undersuit for a Deathstroke cosplay. I want to use a good undersuit with a hexagonal pattern, and if anyone can refer me to someone who makes good...
  21. anakin69

    Neck seals...

    Hi guys and girls, A question, I have looked and searched but can't find how to so am asking. If I have repeated this question already asked I apologise. But I am making Deathstroke from Arkham origins for my son and I am seeing a problem with the neck seal already. It is too small to fit over...
  22. N

    WIP Injustice Deathstroke - New to ALL of this!

    Hey everyone, just another cool guy trying to be awesome by making or at least trying to make a Injustice Deathstroke costume for my 11 year old son. Before I even knew what I agreed to I had already committed to the project. I had no idea how difficult it would be to find materials to throw...
  23. NoxRocks

    Deathstroke, Arkham Origins

    I figure I'm far enough into this build to say something, so here goes: I started this in the beginning of August this year, and it'll be for a convention in the beginning of October. I also have a few things of armor to build for some friends, so I have a little less than 2 months to finish...
  24. R

    Deathstroke - foam muscle suit

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to build Deathstroke's newest costume from his ongoing solo comic series, which looks like so: Unfortunately I can't claim to have Slade's muscles... but in order to get a look as accurate as possible, I'd like to! I would like to use some form of muscle undersuit to...
  25. climbnkd

    My attempt at CW Arrow Deathstroke build

    Long time lurker - first time posting. I stumbled upon the Arrow series thanks to Netflix and have been enthralled with it ever since. I attended the FanX 2014 in Salt Lake City as Captain America and decided that I wanted to attend the 2015 Salt Lake Comic Con in September. I am not one to...

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