death star

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  1. Jack2155

    3D STL LOW ALTITUDE Death Star tiles with Bandai slots for 1/72 & 1/144 Vehicles

    Now available to print and display! These tiles have been 3d modeled with high attention to detail. One fourth the size of standard Death Star tlies, They are modeled and based on ILM Studio scale models, Bandai Death Star tiles, some personal modifications and various reference photos found...
  2. Jack2155

    3D modeled Low Altitude Death Star Tiles with Bandai slots

    I've been modeling these tiles for a while now, and thought I'd share some wip. I've basically divided the basic tiles by 4 and resized them to the same scale as the Bandai tiles. (3' x 3"), and added the slots and plugs for the vehicle models. The tiles are based off reference photos from...
  3. eethan

    Star Wars Death Star detention camera assembled

    Hello there, I'm selling my assembled kit, screen-accurate wood version with 6 Trident viewers already installed on it. This is a one off, I don't have more viewers that I can sell at the moment, so If you like that prop and don't have the viewers or don't feel like assembling the kit yourself...
  4. eethan

    Unlimited Run Death Star detention center camera kits - screen-accurate wood plate or idealized aluminium - Dome lights available too!

    Hello there, I have been working on a little side run at the same time as the Padme's blasters :) I'm going to offer new kits to assemble your Paterson Trident viewers to create the detention center cameras. :) The run is now open and the kits can be purchassed on my website, link in the end...
  5. JS321706

    anyone have a list of kits for Death star's turbo-laser?

    I am planning to make turbo lasers for Death Star (1:1 ratio with real props), but we have finally found some of the main props while trying to find a kit that is used in real props. But I couldn't find many kits in my ability. Do you know which model includes the red line part of the image...
  6. monsterpartyhat

    Death Star Micro Tiles + Trench Run (STL files V5 available)

    Hi all, [EDIT: STL files are freely available if you want to print your own, see here: Death Star Micro Tiles + Trench Run (STL files available)] [EDIT 2: Version 2: Death Star Micro Tiles + Trench Run (STL files V2 available)] [EDIT 3: Version 3: Death Star Micro Tiles + Trench Run (STL files...
  7. GermanRedrum

    HELP! I need a source for the clear Bandai Star Wars 1/144 ship mounts.

    HELP! I need a source for the clear Bandai Star Wars 1/144 ship mounts. I have looked online, Etsy, eBay, etc, etc. Does anyone know who is making these?
  8. TheReliquary

    Death Star Plans Datacard review:

    New to the RPF...bringing you my first official replica review! Lemme know what you think, and don’t forget to sub!
  9. Scote

    Death Star Corridor props

    Hey guys, need help to identify some props. I'm pretty sure the cube are hand made but I'm pretty sure those containers are something you can find, but I'm no container expect :) But maybe some of you are.
  10. Jon Laymon

    Death Star Panels and Lights

    Similar to what we're doing with our Blade Runner Bathroom, sections of our new facility will feature Death Star panels in their various styles. Though they'll be fiberglass, we sort of like the idea of doing the "vents" and "grills" as actual, functional elements because our air lines and dust...
  11. S

    DIY Death Star Wall Panels

    What are the dimensions of the death star wall panels and any tips how to make them, I would like to make them life size and add LED lighting to light up the panels.
  12. TazMan2000

    Death Star Turbolaser

    Finally getting time to spend on the Turbolaser from Wasili. This will not be motorized with lights, just a static display. I thought about doing so, but I would have probably spent hundreds of dollars more on it an would have played with it for about an hour, then it would have spent the rest...
  13. vectorzero

    Death Star Turbolaser (Studio Miniature - Star Wars : The Exhibition)

    These were taken in January 2008 at the Star Wars Exhibition in London. The lighting is problematic, and I was winging it trying different focal lengths and shutter speeds to compensate. Resolution is 3504 x 2336. Click on the thumbnail, then click again for the full resolution. For easier...

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