death star

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  1. mgoob

    FREE Paterson Trident Slide Viewer Empty Boxes - Just Pay P&P

    For you completists out there, here are three boxes for the slide viewer as used for the Death Star Detention Block Surveillance Camera. As you can see, they are beat up. One has a lid. If these aren't claimed by Valentine's Day 2020, they are going in the recycle bin. Just pay all shipping...
  2. Scote

    Death Star Corridor props

    Hey guys, need help to identify some props. I'm pretty sure the cube are hand made but I'm pretty sure those containers are something you can find, but I'm no container expect :) But maybe some of you are.
  3. Jon Laymon

    Death Star Panels

    Similar to what we're doing with our Blade Runner Bathroom, sections of our new facility will feature Death Star panels in their various styles. Though they'll be fiberglass, we sort of like the idea of doing the "vents" and "grills" as actual, functional elements because our air lines and dust...
  4. S

    DIY Death Star Wall Panels

    What are the dimensions of the death star wall panels and any tips how to make them, I would like to make them life size and add LED lighting to light up the panels.
  5. Psab keel

    Stormtrooper Grappling Hook

    Up for sale is a "functioning" Stormtrooper Grappling Hook. This obviously CANNOT be used like the prop seen in the film, but it is a faithful replica that has spring tines that extend just like in the movie. Included is a white nylon cord with aluminum piece to help secure the cord to the...
  6. TazMan2000

    Death Star Turbolaser

    Finally getting time to spend on the Turbolaser from Wasili. This will not be motorized with lights, just a static display. I thought about doing so, but I would have probably spent hundreds of dollars more on it an would have played with it for about an hour, then it would have spent the rest...
  7. vectorzero

    Death Star Turbolaser (Studio Miniature - Star Wars : The Exhibition)

    These were taken in January 2008 at the Star Wars Exhibition in London. The lighting is problematic, and I was winging it trying different focal lengths and shutter speeds to compensate. Resolution is 3504 x 2336. Click on the thumbnail, then click again for the full resolution. For easier...

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