1. Moska

    DeAgostini Millennium Falcon By Moska, 2022

    Hello fellow modellers. After several years carefully keeping all the deliveries of the DeAgostini Millennium Falcon collection, the time has finally come to start the work. The first thing that I did not like about the model is the cockpit and the wells of the guns. For a model of this price...
  2. W

    DeAgostini Millennium Falcon – Sidewall Modification

    Hi All, I’m nearing the end of my DeAgostini Falcon build, and almost ready to assemble the top and bottom saucers. I’m curious about the sidewall modification where you mount the metal support pieces on the inside to buy more room for the side sections to better match the filming miniature...
  3. soulsaman

    DeAgostini / Altaya Star Destroyer

    Just saw this posted on Facebook. I believe it’s being tested in Europe.
  4. COlson

    DeAgostini Millennium Falcon

    Here are some photos of my DeAgostini Millennium Falcon model build. I built this a few years ago now. I was an early adopter of the kit. The additional interior hold detail is all custom built from styrene and tubing. The floors of the hold and halls are photo etch, as well as the engine...