1. Thorlief Golmen

    NEED HELP!!!

    Anyone know what the hell these shoulder pads are called and where I can get them? Bat in the sun use them on so many costumes and I’m doing a few that need them but cannot find what they are at all... They’re clearly a brand and not made... Anyone know what they are? Really need help on this...
  2. P

    Hannibal King Blade Trinity Guns and Belt Buckles

    Up for grabs is a set of Hannibal King guns from the movie Blade Trinity! They're cool, they're well assembled, and they'd easily be mistaken for just about any other gun should the need arise :) I'm also including two different belt buckles that Ryan Reynolds wore in the movie. Note that mine...
  3. Dart

    F/S: Deadpool 2 Glove Armor

    Up for sale, 1 pair of Deadpool 2 glove armour. Just bought them from a seller on Etsy but they don't fit my ape-sized hands (size 10/XL). If your glove size is 8 or less (size 9 if you don't have meaty hands), these should work excellently.
  4. Chimichangas?!?!


    Here it is! My RPF 2012 Halloween Costume Contest entry, Deadpool! Be sure to check out the build thread! ;)