1. ATBrooks

    Deadpool mask half shell

    Hey guys. So I just got my El Fett / Professional Cosplay Deadpool 2 suit but the current mask I have (by IlustraStudios) doesn’t match the same shade as the suit. Does anyone have a half shell Deadpool 2** (not Deadpool 1) mask that they’d sell or know someone who would? Below I’ll post a few...
  2. ATBrooks

    Looking for a Deadpool half shell mask

    Hey everyone, I’m looking for a HALF SHELL DEADPOOL MASK by EL FETT, GEEKEDDEAD or ILUSTRASTUDIOS, if anyone has one they’d sell. Extra eye expressions would be great too as I have an appearance to do soon and unfortunately, I don’t have the time to wait on one from the makers themselves...
  3. DevilPool

    Resin Swords and Resin Two Tone Guns

    Greetings and salutations one and all. DevilPool here, and I joined this community only today honestly to seek out some information from people who might be able to answer me, as google lead me here and can't help worth a damn. My question is about resin weapons and UK law. Now I am from the...
  4. Thorlief Golmen

    NEED HELP!!!

    Anyone know what the hell these shoulder pads are called and where I can get them? Bat in the sun use them on so many costumes and I’m doing a few that need them but cannot find what they are at all... They’re clearly a brand and not made... Anyone know what they are? Really need help on this...
  5. Chimichangas?!?!


    Here it is! My RPF 2012 Halloween Costume Contest entry, Deadpool! Be sure to check out the build thread! ;)