1. D

    DEADMAU5 led movies

    Hi, After the Dj Marshmello head was a succes We have started to build the Deadmau5 son loves those led helmets.....and i say yes (damn) And offcourse the LED version is the best....(again damn) We searched the web for materials.....and how to's And found again the WS2812 leds...
  2. 11B30B4

    DragonCon 2016 Death Star Deadmau5 and a Vacuum Forming Machine

    Hello everyone, this year we have been very busy and as always we are down to the last few days till DragonCon. We will be working straight till Friday morning given what we have left to do. So as with previous builds I will link those previous builds where they are referenced. Last year we did...
  3. I

    itBurns Halloween Costume Contest 2015 Entry

    Ok so I am new to this site (posting wise) but have been reading all the great tips and tricks from from everyone and decided to join the community. I think its time I start my thread so people can see what I have been working on. I am in the process of building a replica Deadmau5 head! I have...
  4. P

    My Deadmau5 head - Three versions so far

    Hi Guys, I thought i would post up my Deadmau5 head up here for everyone's comments, I made the base of the head out of paper mache with a fibre glass shell which was modeled off a space hopper! The base was made about 4 years ago so its showing its age now and currently making another one with...
  5. TommyBuilt


    Im new to the forums, I thought I would share one of my projects, This was my first attempt at a deadmau5 head build and it ultimately ended up being a big inspiration to the man himself and ended up becoming part of the theme for his Professional Griefers music video.
  6. mxer911

    Deadmau5 Cheese Head - Carbon Fiber Build – (Pics inside)

    Well for the last little while I’ve been doing a fair amount of work with carbon fiber, then the request came in asking if I could do a cheese head out of carbon fiber and I figured…Why Not? What I didn't anticipate was just how long this project would take me (due to both time constraints, and...
  7. I

    Deadmau5 led head

    HEY THERE EVERYBODY I'm going to be making a deadmau5 LED kind of head, and i REALLY need some help finding out what to do with the leds! Everything is wired on the inside of the helmet, and just in case you guys have no idea what i'm talking about you can check out what the helmet does...
  8. DarkJedi1500

    DarkJedi1500's Deadmau5 heads AND costume

    I’ve recently jumped onto the deadmau5 bandwagon after introducing myself to his music earlier this year and seeing the variety of heads other fans have been making here. I decided to make a head for Halloween as sort of a “casual” costume compared to showing up with our more elaborate...
  9. L

    My Evilmau5 Head

    Me and my 3 friends decided to make mau5heads for Halloween and other events. Here it is in a sort of step-by-step fashion. Thanks to this forum and other how-to-guides on the net, I believe ours came out pretty good compared to the other heads I've seen. Mine's the black Evilmau5, while my...
  10. L

    LumberZach gets choppin away at a Mau5head

    First and foremost I would like to thank Giz for helping me out. He answered any questions I asked him. I also used alot of his ideas and processes for construction, so If something looks familiar, that's who I got it from. On with the pics. Notes and measurements. 1/2" MDF lips...
  11. S

    Deadmau5 Head

    Edit 2: This is my second version; smaller, lighter, and more accurate: Video of my second deadmau5 head: This is my first replica mau5 head: and a short video I threw together of my first replica.. YouTube - Replica Deadmau5 Head...