1. SuperBatMan

    Sonar Batarang & Batheater (Batman Forever + Batman & Robin) Replica Made by Henry Wayne (EU ONLY!)

    Please read the full description! Hello together, want to sell these beautifull pieces! Pretty sure there are still some 90s Batman Fans Out there. These Replicas are very hard to find and both are functional. Sonar Batarang: Made Out of Metal and realy heavy! Can be folded together: Just Push...
  2. JohnathanwithaH

    My WIP Kilowog Green Lantern Cosplay with a moving jaw

    I'm making a Kilowog cosplay for the upcoming Dragon Con. The suit is going to be based off of the New 52 costume designs, with some inspiration from previous Kilowog costumes from the comics. All my templates were made by me, the only exception being the muscle suit. I am by NO means a...
  3. JKRIB

    Interest CW The Flash TV Show - CC Jitters Coffee Cups!

    Hello everyone! I have previously made some CC Jitters replicas from The Flash TV show (Brown mugs, green mugs, drink posters) I have been trying to recreate the coffee cups, for a while now and it finally might happen! Just wanted to see who is interested first. These will be the same...
  4. NycWallCrawler9

    CW Red Arrow / Speedy (WIP)

    A few months back I started slowly collecting/building things for my Speedy (Red Arrow) cosplay from the show "Arrow." I won't be able to make everything exactly the same as it is on the show, since its almost impossible to source everything, but im gonna try to get it somewhat close! I'll be...
  5. pzreich

    Cosplay Help: Birds of Prey Huntress

    Hey all! I saw Birds of Prey last night and immediately decided I wanted to cosplay Huntress for either Anime Boston, New York Comicon, or Boston Comicon. Or all! I wanted to start this thread both to document my progress and get advice from y'all, especially about materials and techniques. I...
  6. persialex

    Huntress (Birds of Prey)

    I have a buttload of reference pictures thanks to a couple of kind souls who snapped pics of her main costume on display at NYCC and were nice enough to send them my way. There's also her 90s training outfit, but that's not the star of the show.
  7. persialex

    Black Canary (Birds of Prey)

    Help! Where can I buy these pieces? These are all the reference images I could find. Y'all are good at finding things; help a gal out, please? I'm especially looking for the blt, jewelry, and top pieces; I'm planning to buy the pants from Blackmilk's collab collection.
  8. TheRealTalon

    Finished DC Court of Owls Talon Cosplay

    Hey guys, This is my finished pictures for my very first costume, Talon. I took bits and pieces from the animated movie and some comics, as well as coming up with some of my own designs. Anything that looks like it's made of leather is made of leather. The Gauntlet is brass and steel, the fins...
  9. TheRealTalon

    DC Talon Court of Owls Making Of

    (This is my "making of" post, if you want to see my finished pictures, check out my "finished" post: Finished Court of Owls Talon Cosplay ) So I've looked around the internet and haven't found many Talon suits or cosplays, even though I think the court is definitely one of Batman's deadliest...
  10. Chuey

    2019 WonderCon Fan Activities for Marvel and DC Costumers

    Hi folks, So there are some fan activities that I am helping to organize for both Marvel and DC Costumers at the 2019 WonderCon. Please check out the following: Marvel fan shoot hosted by the Avengers Initiative: 2019 WonderCon Anaheim Marvel Fan Costume Shoot DC Cosplayer Photoshoot hosted...
  11. ShadowAssassin

    Arkham Asylum Armored Batsuit FOAM

    Roughly 6 months ago I begun making templates for the Armored Batsuit in Batman Arkham Asylum. I have been consistently posting updates on Instagram but decided it was time to post it here. I begun with the torso which I do with most of my builds. This was to also help scale the rest of the...
  12. ShadowAssassin


  13. megabethbob

    Aquaman Movie Atlanna help please! (spoilers)

    Hiya! I saw aquaman a couple of weeks ago, and was wondering if anyone has seen a single picture of Queen Atlanna's dragony/piranha/hidden paradise outfit? Obviously the outfit is a spoiler so im not expecting anything hd yet, but has anyone seen ANYTHING?! Im desperate to make the costume and...
  14. jsummit

    Batgirl Costume!

    Here's the costume I made for my daughter for October 2018! I'll be posting a video of the whole process eventually on my YouTube channel here: GEEK OF ALL TRADES Look at the little girl's expression in the background! Priceless!!
  15. Gal Gadot Wonder Woman

    Gal Gadot Wonder Woman

  16. Gal Gadot Wonder Woman

    Gal Gadot Wonder Woman

  17. Gal Gadot Wonder Woman

    Gal Gadot Wonder Woman