dc comics

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  1. kretzer

    My Red Hood New52 costume

    This is my cosplay and costume Red Hood New52 I finished it a while, and now I come to show my work. I'm from Brazil, is the first time I post something here. I hope you enjoy
  2. TheSChorsch719

    Ares skull vambraces

    A friend asked me to build him some DC Ares skull vambraces - - - Updated - - - - - - Updated - - -
  3. TheSChorsch719

    Scarecrow Arkham Asylum

    scarecrow Costume from Arkham Asylum
  4. harmfulAdam

    CW Arrow Build (Hybrid)

    I've decided to start an Arrow build, however, I'm not going Season 1 or 2 specific. I'm picking things I like better from the two seasons, not 100% accurate, just 100% fun! :D For example, choosing Season 1 bow because 1) I like the way it looks better, 2) there's no way I'd pay $1200 for a...
  5. LandstalkerProp

    Landstalker Props' Arrow season 1 bow build (Pic Heavy)

    Hi Guys. Landstalker Props here. I recently finished a build of the bow from season 1 of Arrow. It was a commission for a costume and it is built from scratch. I carved the riser/handle from a block of 2x4 rather than buying one then cut all of the runes in before staining and varnishing it...
  6. ka5p3r

    new 52 Joker

    Whats up guys this is my first new thread in a long time. I decided i wanted to sculpt up the new 52 joker mask for a new costume sense all the ones i am working on are large full body suits i thought having this would be fun because i can really move and do things like sit down. I first started...
  7. danae

    Cheetah Make-Up

    I saw Error's DC Cheetah Make-Up Tutorial and I thought I'd try it out with everyday make-up I already had. It's my first time trying out make-up effects like this so all feed back is appreciated. Error's tutorial (Sorry for the terrible camera quality and size of the image, the orange powder...
  8. K

    Hal Jordan Jacket Patch

    Just to let everyone know, so you dont have to research it. (Green Lantern Comic book series ) The Jacket = USAAF A2 Jacket with fur lining collar. U.S Army Air Force The patch on the left breast pocket is the USAAF Senior Pilot badge, as with the 3 inch patch, this was the only one of that...
  9. Belleb08

    My Take on a Warrior version of Wonder Woman

    I am in the beginning stages of creating my own version of Wonder Woman taking inspiration from fan art and the comic itself. I decided I wanted to make a Greek Warrior version of her. Here is my concept sketch of what I hope to achieve: I am planning to make it all out of leather, Worbla...
  10. 44arpeggios

    Robin. With some changes... WIP

    Hello There! Long time Reader, First time Poster etc etc So i came up with this funky design for a robin costume a while back and i've decided im going to try and make it! The idea is that its a stylised suit, but its also realistic. I loved how in Nolan's batman everything on...
  11. D

    Comicon St. Louis in April.. Decisions to be made

    April Comicon is coming up soon. (first one I can attend do to work) I need to decide on doing Red Hood and the outlaws or DrFate. I’m going to finish the helmets for both, but what do you all think so far? This is my first time ever making anything like this. Can't seem to get the hang of...
  12. Rogu3Wo1f

    Batman: Arkham Origins Robin Cosplay Build WIP

    So, like the title states, I'm working on making Dick Grayson's Robin costume from Batman: Arkham Origins. It's my first proper cosplay, I did a Nightwing costume previously, but I'm not too happy with it in the least. Mainly planning on using EVA foam for his armour and making a sort of vest...
  13. C

    Joker Scars

    So, im going to a Halloween Party as the Joker this year and was wondering what the best way to get the scars is. So far I have found two ways and am not sure which is the best- one is a gelatin prosthetic and the other is Rigid Collodion. Just want to know the best one and any tips if I am...
  14. ATG 835

    Batgirl Cowl foam/pep question

    Hey there, everyone! So I've been doing pepakura for a while now (Although nothing is finished to show for that), but I'm a bit stuck. I'm planning on going as Barbara Gordon's Batgirl for Halloween and I need to make a cowl. My plan was to buy one from the fantastically talented Reevz666, but I...
  15. AdamWest

    Mera, Queen of Atlantis

    Hey guys! Um I have no idea how to start this so I'll just jump right in. I'm working on a Mera costume! I love her and Aquaman to bits, and she is severely under-represented so I have vowed to make her mine. I've been writing up posts as I go with the costume planning and stuff over on my...
  16. T

    action comics 1 superman costume

    has anyone thought about this new costume superman is wearing at the moment before he gets the more armoured looking costume it's the t shirt and cape with a pair of jeans that im reffering too im gonna give this a shot aswell as the 1941 costume im working on ill post updates on both as soon as...
  17. TK8541

    Justice League HQ!

    DC Universe Costumers: the Justice League HQ has launched! Much like the 501st Legion organized groups of Star Wars fans from all over the world into functioning sets of smaller squads, garrisons, and so on, the Justice League HQ is organizing DC Universe costumers into one hub of operation...

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