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  1. s4ffron

    Black Canary 2.0 from CW's Arrow

    First look at the Laurel Lance Black Canary from Arrow! Shall we start a build thread?
  2. Galacticat

    DC Bombshell Hawkgirl [FINISHED]

    So right off my Brienne of Tarth build I've decided to jump into another big-ish build, which is DC Bombshell Hawkgirl, designed by Ant Lucia. She's my favorite of the Bombshell designs - I love her more tomboyish look and I think the jetpack + helmet is a fun twist for Hawkgirl. I had...
  3. Jason Gray

    Deathstoke Hybred Mask

    I am attempting a Deathstroke mask based on the styles of Arkham Origins, Teen Titans, Arrow, and Young Justice. I am posting some pics to get some opinions on my progress thus far Also once this is complete I will also be doing a full costume based on the same concept
  4. N

    Mr Freeze

    I built a Mr Freeze costume using the Secret Files version for reference. I finished most of it for SLC Comic con. I am going to redo some of it and wondered if anyone had suggestions for material and so on. I am leaving the main head piece made from EVA foam, however I wanted to redo the back...
  5. Sederus

    Deathstroke / Injustice (WIP)

    Sup RPF! I have been lurking around forums for about year now, I think? After couple random foam build that i made to try and learn things (HUGE thanks to Durkness/Cullencosplay) I finally choose to do full build. I apologize in advance if my english sucks, cos Im from Finland so its not my...
  6. D

    Nightwing Injustice Inspired Domino Mask!

    How's everyone doing? Well this is my second cosplay piece (first being my Wolverine Claws) and a current WIP. Right now I'm working on finishing up the initial clay sculpt of the mask for my Nightwing Cosplay. I am using the Injustice version of the character as my inspiration, slight...
  7. eastWOLFstyle

    Arkham City: Azrael

    Hello everyone, I usually don't post a lot on here but I thought this would be a good time. So as the title says this is a thread for Azrael in his Arkham City costume, I'm working on mine and hope to get it done in time for NYCC. There are parts that I've already worked on and then there's some...
  8. Brittanyalex01

    Simply Spray fabric spray paint???

    Does anyone have any experience using this fabric spray paint? I am working on the Arkham City's version of the Riddler for my husband so I need a green suit, however since in the game his suit is dingy and kind of torn up I thought it may be easier to use fabric paint. Any help/advice?
  9. Iggy

    Custom Hawkgirl

    I am currently in the middle of a custom Hawkgirl creation for a Comic Con coming up in September. I am hoping to get both this and another project finished by September 13th. I have purchased two sheets of worbla, a bunch of fabric, and a few giant ornament spheres to start the project...
  10. L

    custom deathstroke build

    my custom deathstroke build i did for my final piece during my last year of college i started off witht he sculpt and got that as close to perfect as i could then started with a couple layers of liquid latex, making it thicker as i went then i started ith the gel coat and fibre glass after...
  11. Pazuzu Studios

    Teen Titans Red X 'Realistic' costume build

    I decided for this convention season I'm going to do a "Red X" costume but I didn't want to wear a full black spandex suit. I'm modeling it a little more on the "Red Hood" mask and street clothes look. I haven't figured on the pants yet but I have black motorcycle boots and a cool set of BMX...
  12. D

    DC comic's new Batgirl costume

    Anyone thinking about giving the upcoming Batgirl costume reboot a go? It looks really practical. Probably 90% of the parts would be easily bought or made.
  13. Belleb08

    Girl (Woman) of Steel

    Hi!! Now I have seen some amazing work on Man of Steel Cosplays and I want to get in on the action as a female and create a Girl/Woman of Steel cosplay. I have been in love with this artwork for a long time and now that I have Wonder Woman under my belt it is time for a new challenge and to...
  14. TheSChorsch719

    Scarecrow Arkham Knight

    Well I did Scarecrow from Arkham Asylum ... now I guess I got to do this one Original Arkham Asylum Scarecrow thread ---> http://www.therpf.com/f77/scarecrow-arkham-asylum-211542/ - - - Updated - - -
  15. lukester

    CW "Arrow" Emerald Archer build thread

    CW 'Arrow' Emerald Archer build thread Vigilante Props I'm Luke. A active Vigilante based in North Texas and I run Vigilante Props. Started working on Arrow cosplay in December 2013. I've been tracking and documenting my progress here. Check me out on Facebook. Updated: July 2015...
  16. S

    Deathstroke Mask (Ironman Conversion)

    Hey all! New to the RPF, and figured I would share part one of my Deathstroke (Ark.Orig.) EVA Build. I started with one of my ironman masks that i found on sale for $3.50 at my local Meijer. I put several coats of bondo to fill in the cheeks, and creases. and I used duct tape as a backing to...
  17. Billzebub

    My Budget (money & effort) Dr. Fate Build

    I just got a wild hair up my ass to make a Dr. Fate a few months ago when I surmised I could do this with minimal effort and money. I have probably spent more than I intended and had to redo one part so far, but it's still been fairly effort free and cheaper than my Batman Begins costume from 2...
  18. C

    Functional Nightwing Costume [WIP]

    San Diego Comic Con is coming up soon, so I'm gonna start building a Nightwing costume. This is one of my first builds, and I know it's ambitious, but I'm confident that I can do it. I have a background in martial arts and have been doing acrobatic type things (flips, extreme martial arts, and...
  19. AbiSueCosplay

    Catwoman Cosplay Build - Batman Returns - Michelle Pfeiffer

    Finished sewing up the boot covers. I decided not to cover the heel area since it's already black. I cut the pattern out of pleather then cut slightly larger pieces out of the stretch pvc that I am using for the suit. Then I folded over, pined and hand stitched around the outside of each piece...
  20. Dj Spid3

    Help with New 52 Nightwing cosplay

    I have a month to make this for Anime Midwest I've gotten a decent idea for the mask and bracers and I want this to be as quality as possible but I need help on what to use for the suit itself should I use a Leotard or Morphsuit...
  21. M

    MarioScenario Pepakura Projects

    Been a fan for 3 years now- I thought it was time I showed the various pepakura projects I've made. This is a place where I can share and show with other creative-minded people. I will add more pics when new projects are finished. I would like to credit all the RPF members who have released...
  22. I

    Poison Ivy Gender Bender

    So while I know some disapprove of doing gender bender cosplays I thought I would post mine seeing as it is my first attempt at doing any kind of real cosplay. So I put together a male version of Poison Ivy and I must say it turned out much better than I anticipated. It was a hit at my local con...
  23. M

    The Question (Vic Sage) [WIP]

    I'm currently working on making a costume based off of the DC character The Question, who became a favourite of mine after I watched Justice League Unlimited a few years back. So far, the easiest aspect of the build has actually been the mask, which I'm working on using this guide for...
  24. W

    Red hood cosplay - Acting the character

    Hi all, this is my first post so if its in the wrong location please do alert me, as this one seemed most relevant. So Im going to manchester comic con next month and im going as Jason Todd's red hood, but the thing is...I've never read/watched anything to do with him, and I want to act the...
  25. A

    Facial scar help?

    I'm cosplaying Pandora from DC Comics for SDCC this year and I have no clue what to do about her scars. All of the cosplays I've seen of her just use paint but I want them to look more realistic than that. I've considered using Rigid Collodion but I've read a few things online that say that...

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