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  1. ScorpionTR

    Green Arrow Bows

    So I'm looking to potentially do a Green Arrow CW-style build. At the moment, I made myself a Domino mask using craft foam. I'm probably also going to buy the Season 1/2 style suit online. However the bow at the moment is a task I'm looking to get help for. I'm looking to make a recurve bow...
  2. EndloseCosplay

    Fandom based vintage Luggage Stickers

    I know that title is a mouth full, but here is the low down. I am looking for get luggage travel stickers that are Marvel, Dc, Dr Who, My little Pony, Star Wars, Star Trek, RBWY, Sandman, Harry Potter, Stargate Atlantis, Babylon 5, and Batman themed. What are luggage stickers? Well it's what...
  3. DB537

    The Flash 2024 Newspaper

    Here's something I was working on for a while. It's the April 25 2024 Central City Newspaper from The Flash. It's still a work in progress about 85% done but it might be quite some time until it's finished. There were no other decent versions of this posted anywhere. I put a blur on it because...
  4. O

    Alex Danvers Kryptonite Sword

    Hey guys, I am very new to the RPF and prop making as well. Last year I made a foam version of Alex's Kryptonite sword from Season 1 of Supergirl. It was the first prop I had ever made and I was working with a shoe string budget and hardly any reference images. It was good and worked well...
  5. danburnsjla15

    Flash Costume Questions

    So its been years since I posted (sorry, haven't had any serious cosplay commitments since then) but now I've got a big one planned. It's going to be either The Flash, or Robin. Flash will probably be based around the Justice League movie Ezra Miller version, and Robin would be my own design...
  6. J4daddy

    Rebirth Green Arrow 2.0

    My first costume making adventure was making Green Arrow armor for last Halloween. My wife was Black canary, and our kids were other children were members of the justice League. My wife and I will be at ECCC this year and she wants to be black canary and G.A. again. I didn't like how my first...
  7. S

    The Flash Possible WayneTech Cosplay

    Hello, After seeing the concept art of the flash from the BVS Ultimate Edition, I wanted to find more concept art. I was wanting to cosplay it but have no idea how to go about building the suit. If anyone has any tips and or ideas, they would greatly be appreciated.
  8. SuperVintendo64

    Telltale Batsuit

    Emerald City ComiCon is upon us next month and I'm hoping to debut my next Batman cosplay there, basing the design off of the new Telltale Batman game. I'm hoping to do foam armor/muscles covered in fabric and either sewn or glued to an undersuit. Was hoping to see if others out there had done...
  9. Nm1cciola

    DC Universe Steppenwolf Figure Re-paint

    So I am going to be starting this project soon. I plan on repainting him to give him more life than the casting the figure is pretty much perfect I didn't have to add any Apxie Sculpt work to this figure. I just did some work in this cast and already broke him apart. See attached Pictures. I...
  10. Maryfoxfirebird

    Stealth CW Supergirl or 90's Superboy

    like 90's Superboy. FYI not my art. Artists website http://comickergirl.tumblr.com/ Or Something like this with some kind of DEO patch cape optional. (image courtesy of Gun Head Designs)
  11. M

    Man of Steel 'S' shield - help needed

    Hi Guys I'm finishing up my MoS costume for Halloween this weekend and I've found a 3D printer in Soho who can print the 'S' shield in 3D for me which should really help make the costume stand out. Only issue is they need the S shield with markings as an STL file. Does anyone have or know...
  12. C

    Ezra Miller Flash Suit 3D Model WIP

    Hey everyone! I've been a long time lurker on these forums and I am finally glad I'm a member! Words don't explain my hype for Justice League, and more specifically, the cinematic debut of The Flash. I have every bit of faith in Ezra and can't wait for his performance of the scarlet...
  13. HarleyCyn

    Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Mallet / Hammer

    Finally got this baby finished! I love Harley's hammers so even though this one was only in the film for about three seconds, I wanted one just like it! This guy's made of foam, PVC pipe, and a LOT of goops, goos, plastics, rubbers, and other smelly things. I love it because it's small and...
  14. JadeD16

    Definitive Wonder Woman Thread

    Hey all! I'm currently working on a Wonder Woman costume and was looking on here for some inspiration and ideas. I was surprised to not find a definitive Wonder Woman thread. So I decided to start one myself. Wonder Woman (and fans of) deserves a place all their own. This is a template I made...
  15. JadeD16

    Wonder Woman (2017) Costume w/templates

    Hey All! I'm going to TRY and do a Wonder Woman costume for Fan Expo in November. There is a great chance it will end up terrible, but ya gotta try. I've started with what I know best... Photoshop. I've begun templating the shield. I'm just about done. Here's a screenshot of the almost finished...
  16. M

    Blue beetle

    Ok dokey back again. I swear I do like marvel characters alot however I am doing another dc character. Got some great help and words from my wonder woman and on the day got lots of compliments however I really like going to con is obscure costumes so decided to go for a life time favourite Blue...
  17. TalosRex

    Aquaman Movie Replica Bracers

    These are my best effort to replicate the bracers seen in the new Jason Momoa Aquaman movie. I made the entire costume for SDCC 2016 but this is a little preview of the build I'm posting soon. They were first hand cut out of leather, molded and then cast out of Smooth Cast 65D. Aged and...
  18. M

    Harley Quinn's baseball bat

    If someone want make Harley Quinns baseball bat replica (as I do) and don't know what is written oround it here is what I found (I included some photos and video where I was looking at it. So if I have something wrong pleas tell me. Thanks) pictures are from this video...
  19. E

    Deathstroke Suit and Weaponry - Pic Heavy

    A big hello to the RPF community! While this is not the first costume I've done, this is my first time posting a build thread on any forum site, so I hope you all enjoy what I have to show! Also, if I did something wrong and the pictures aren't showing correctly, I would appreciate info on how...
  20. 3

    Riddler Arkham Style Trophies

    So I am a huge fan of the Riddler from the Batman Arkham Series, and considering I love solving the puzzles, challenges and riddles, I always wanted my own set of trophies for my achievements throughout all 4 games. Realizing I didn't have $400 to buy the prop replica, I decided to make my own...
  21. Adorabelle

    Wonder Woman build - New 52 Cliff Chiang version

    Hola friends. I'm new here and throwing my hat in the ring for my first "build" thread. It's a rather last minute build for SDCC 2016 based on New 52 Wonder Woman (Cliff Chiang's art, specifically). Here are some of my reference pics. I'm making everything myself and a lot of the materials I've...
  22. D

    Comic Con San Diego 2016 (Photoshoot)

    Hi guys, My name is Deji aka Ade Johnson. I’m a 27 year old photographer based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. About one year ago I started my adventure as a creative art photographer. Prior to this I worked for a variety photo press agencies around the world (ANP, Getty Images, Reuters, AP)...
  23. JokerOfArkham

    Comic-Styled Joker Cosplay Update

    Hey everyone! So I've been gone for way too long! I thought I'd share some updates about my Joker outfit. My last update can be found here: http://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=237796 Since then I've lost about 120 pounds and updated a bunch of stuff in regards to my costume (New...
  24. Maryfoxfirebird

    Is anyone doing CBS/CW Supergirl?

    I'm really surprised that that there's not more Supergirl builds on here. Is anybody making this suit? I've tried to get it commissioned on here, with no reply. Any other fans here?
  25. B

    Young Justice Doctor Fate Costume

    Hi everyone! I’m Boo, I’m a new member here on the forums but a longtime stalker of theRPF. I figured since I’m almost done my first build I finally have a reason to join and make a thread. This is my first journey into prop making and costuming so obviously it’s not perfect but so far I’m...

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